‘Gestapo Tactics’: At Least 13 Counties Tell Hochul They Won’t Enforce Her Mask Mandate

Americans are sick and tired of the left’s radical, nonsensical Covid policies. Whether the petty tyrants want to bring back lockdowns, mandates, or any other policy, Americans aren’t having it.

That was most recently seen in New York, where counties and small businesses are giving the new governor, Kathy Hochul, the middle finger and refusing to enforce her mask mandate diktat.

The new, strongly resisted order from the governor would place the onus on private businesses to force patrons and employees to wear masks or be vaccinated.

One man, Orange County Executive Steve Neuhaus even went so far as to declare that Hochul is “using Gestapo tactics and going business to business and asking them if they are enforcing masking.

He added that “My health department has critical things to do that are more important than enforcing this and I think small businesses have been through enough already. God forbid the governor directs the state police to go out and enforce it.”

While most of the outrage hasn’t been that vitriolic, with the New York Post reporting that most criticisms of the diktat have derided it as “silly,” “misguided” and “unenforceable,” what’s clear is that New York businesses are firmly against Hochul’s newest misuse of power.

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In fact, the pushback has grown so extensive that almost a quarter of New York’s counties are now in revolt and refusing to obey the order.

Instead of mindless obsequeince, the attitude seems to be one of annoyed, quiet revolt. According to the NYP, Shaun Groden, the administrator of Greene County, had this to say:

I don’t have staff to do enforcement, so we’re not even going to try to do enforcement. What am I going to do, station somebody at a Walmart 24/7? It’s silly. My staff will have to mask up. But we’re not going to become the mask police. We will still encourage people to get vaxxed. Otherwise, it’s just something we can’t accommodate.

Similarly, the Daily Wire reports that Ontario County had this to say about how it will handle Hochul’s tyrannical diktat:

Ontario County continues to urge all eligible residents to get vaccinated, get boosted and mask up when in public settings. The County also lacks the staff necessary to enforce a mandate of this kind across the county. Given our limited resources, and the toll the pandemic has already taken on our Public Health staff, we need to focus our limited resources on the most efficient and impactful public health intervention strategies. For Ontario County, that includes continuing vaccine and booster distribution, facilitating testing in schools to keep children in the classroom, and conducting case investigations and cluster and outbreak management protocols.

Other resisting counties had similar things to say, none going so far as to echo Mr. Neuhaus’s “Gestapo” comment, but most deriding the bill as unenforceable given limited resources.

Turns out, local governments are finally realized that they have neither the time nor inclination to be the jab police. All that’s surprising is that it took them this long to come to that realization.

The order was announced on December 10th and went into effect Monday the 13th, so resistance to it has been both swift and severe.

As the state has announced it won’t be “reviewed” until December 10th, however, it might be a while before the unenforced diktat is thrown out.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of GenZConservative.com. Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

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