Giuliani Says Trump Campaign Has Enough Evidence to ‘Overturn’ Election

Presidential lawyer and Trump campaign legal strategist Rudy Giuliani says he is confident he has more than enough evidence to “overturn” Democrat Joe Biden’s alleged victory in enough battleground states to secure the 2020 election for President Trump.

In an interview Sunday with Fox News’ Maria Bartiromo, who appears to be one of the few journalists in Washington willing to give the Trump campaign airtime to lay out its case, Giuliani said there is no question President Trump won the bulk of key swing states that were called for Biden.

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“In every one of those states, we have more than enough illegal ballots already documented to overturn the result in that state. They didn’t allow Republicans in those key places to observe the mail vote. That makes the mail vote completely invalid,” he said, though other media outlets are claiming that is false.

The New York Post added:

Trump’s re-election campaign has filed a flurry of lawsuits contesting the vote count in battleground states, but some of those cases have already been rejected by judges who ruled their claims of fraud were unfounded or “hearsay.”

A recount would also have to overcome Biden’s commanding, 65,000-vote advantage in Pennsylvania or 146,000-ballot lead in Michigan, for example, to undo the election result.

Trump’s legal team threw in the towel on an Arizona lawsuit Friday, acknowledging that they wouldn’t overtake Biden in the Grand Canyon State.

Nonetheless, Giuliani claimed that the campaign had enough affidavits from witnesses who reportedly saw fraud to void hundreds of thousands of votes for the former veep.

“We already have enough affidavits from people who were pushed out from being able to observe, so in each one of those states that he lost narrowly, he won those states probably by 2, 3 percent,” said the former NYC Mayor.

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He also said he is unable, at this time, to show his evidence (which would make sense given that it should be revealed in a proper legal venue).

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“We have proof that I can’t disclose yet,” Giuliani said of the “corrupt machines” Trump campaign officials say were used to tally excessive votes for Biden.

“This has to be examined, Maria, beyond this election, which I believe will get overturned,” he continued.

We’d love to believe the president’s lawyer, but time is running out. If the Trump campaign has evidence of massive vote manipulation, they need to present it.

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