GOD HELP US: Las Vegas P.D. Officer in Critical Condition After Being Shot In The Head By Rioter

As rioting and violence only loosely tied to the death of George Floyd continued Monday, law enforcement officials came under increasingly hostility and danger.

And in Las Vegas, the rioting turned deadly.


As reported by The Daily Caller, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer was shot in the head and is currently on life support as he was stationed near the Circus Circus casino in the gambling city. 

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KLAS reports:

Protests Monday night turned violent leaving a Las Vegas police officer fighting for his life and a suspect in a second shooting dead. …

According to Clark County Sheriff Joe Lombardo who held a news conference at 3 a.m., police were attempting to disperse protesters in front of Circus Circus Hotel & Casino when people in the crowd began throwing bottles and rocks at the officers and the officers began to take some people into custody.

One source told KLAS that as one officer struggled with a suspect, another person walked up and shot the officer in the back of the head. The suspected shooter was arrested later.

“This is a sad night for our LVMPD family and a tragic night for our community,” Lombardo said. 

Meanwhile, a second shooting in Vegas near a federal courthouse left one man dead. 

“At approximately 11:22 p.m., officers encountered a subject who was armed with multiple firearms and appeared to be wearing body armor,” Lombardo said. “During the interaction the subject reached for a firearm and the officers engaged him. The suspect was struck by gunfire and transported to the hospital where he was pronounced deceased.”

The shooting came as cops all around the country struggled to enforce emergency curfews imposed by mayors who are sick and tired of the looting and violence, which no longer have much to do with Floyd, who died at the hands of police last week in Minneapolis.

Meanwhile, four police officers in St. Louis were shot Monday night as well, according to several reports, though all remain stable and are expected to recover. 

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Regarding the St. Louis officers, Breitbart News reported

The chaos in St. Louis followed continued protests Monday in Missouri over the death of George Floyd and police treatment of African Americans, with gatherings also held in Kansas City and Jefferson City.

On Monday afternoon, several hundred people rallied peacefully outside the justice center in downtown St. Louis, including Mayor Lyda Krewson and St. Louis Public Safety Director Jimmie Edwards. Protestors later walked to the Gateway Arch National Park and then onto nearby Interstate 64.

But later Monday, protesters gathered in front of police headquarters, where officers fired tear gas. Some protesters smashed windows at a downtown 7-11 store and stole items from inside before the building was set on fire.

Police officers all around the country are increasingly coming under fire – literally – the longer the protests go on.

President Donald Trump, as well as Attorney General William Barr, have said additional federal support for law enforcement, which could include federal troops, will be made available and deployed if the nonsense doesn’t stop.


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