Gov. Cuomo Shames Unvaccinated Citizens With Segregated Seating At Baseball Games

When it comes to enforcing compliance with Joe Biden’s drive to mass vaccinate the American populace, there are carrots and there are sticks, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has added public shaming to the mix.

The scandal-drenched Democrat whose state’s COVID response has now been exposed as among the worst in the nation has announced new attendance rules for fans who wish to attend the games of the Big Apple’s two professional baseball teams.

Cuomo issued his decree that games at Yankee Stadium and Citi Field will be open at 100 percent capacity with a catch; those who have taken “the jab” will be allowed to sit next to each other while the non-vaccinated will only be allowed to attend at 33 percent to observe social distancing rules.

In remarks delivered at a press conference, Cuomo announced: “For baseball reopening May 19, two different categories, not Yankees, Mets but vaccinated, not vaccinated. Vaccinated people, normal capacity, normal seating for people who are vaccinated. We ask them to wear masks. For unvaccinated people, the six-foot distancing applies with masks,” he said.

It is another example of how Democrats have gone back to the future by once again embracing the practice of segregation which after being all but eliminated, has reared its ugly head anew as a result of the sanctioning of critical race theory and it now is going to be used to place an increased social stigma on vaccine holdouts.

Cuomo also resorted to the bribery that has been embraced by other Democrats including New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy who is offering free beer to those who line up and roll up their sleeves for the needle.

Vaccination areas will be set up at both stadiums with free tickets to games being given away to those who take the shot.

According to Cuomo; “You can get a vaccine at the game. If you’re going to the game, we will set up at the game, a facility as you’re going in, come a little bit early and get your vaccine at the game.” He said, “You’re going to the game anyway, it’s on your way, stop and get a vaccine.”

He added, “And if you get a vaccine, you get a free ticket to a Yankees or a Mets game.”

Democrats are determined to assist Biden in meeting his stated goal of 70 percent vaccinated by July 4th, a number that the nation’s 46th president announced this week and a critical political milestone for a man who based his campaign on the pretense that he would be better suited to manage COVID than his predecessor, former POTUS Donald J. Trump.

Whether Cuomo’s approach is successful in driving up the vaccine numbers in order to help Biden politically largely depends on whether New Yorkers will still view him as credible which may be unlikely with the plethora of sexual conduct allegations against him as well as his policies that effectively sentenced elderly nursing home residents to their deaths by sending COVID-infected patients into their environments.

As for Major League Baseball? It’s just one more example of how the league has become politically intertwined with the Democratic party in pushing the Biden agenda.