Gowdy Notices One Interesting Detail About Biden’s Response to Cuomo Resigning

New York Democrat Gov. Andrew Cuomo has announced his resignation from the office of governor effective in 14 days.

During an interview on Fox News, former South Carolina GOP Rep. Trey Gowdy, who now serves as a network contributor, said he noticed one interesting detail about Joe Biden’s comments regarding Cuomo’s resignation.

While speaking to host Martha MacCallum, Gowdy noticed that Biden was still trying to excuse Cuomo and praise him during a press conference late on Tuesday.

Biden spoke to reporters at the White House and said Cuomo did “a hell of a job.”

Gowdy said it was quite odd that Biden would still speak so highly of Cuomo after he was accused by several women of sexual misconduct and forced to resign because of it.

MacCallum asked: “With regard to Andrew Cuomo, a lot of questions about the Governor stepping down today. I think a lot of people thought he would fight to hang on. He chose not to do that today. And what about prosecution for Andrew Cuomo which the President suggested in an interview with George Stephanopoulos should be on the table?”

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“Well, for sure, the most recent accusations are criminal. You cannot put your hand on someone’s buttocks or their breasts,” Gowdy began.

“That’s a crime. So if, if her allegations are substantiated, there would be a criminal prosecution. Biden got more questions about Cuomo than he did about this historic infrastructure bill,” he added.

“And I think he really bungled it when he tried to say, you know, other than that, Mrs. Lincoln, how was the play? People have a hard time saying look, we love your bridges. We’re just so sorry that you terrorized young women while you were the governor,” he said.


Cuomo announced on Tuesday afternoon that he is resigning from office amid the fallout from the allegations against him.

“I’m a New Yorker, born and bred. I’m a fighter and my instinct is to fight through this controversy because I truly believe it is politically motivated, I believe it is unfair and it is untruthful and I believe it demonizes behavior that is unsustainable for society,” he said during a press conference.

“I love New York and I love you and everything I have ever done has been motivated by that love,” he added.

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“I would never want to be unhelpful in any way. And I think that given the circumstances the best way I can help now is if I step aside and let the government get back to governing,” he said. “And therefore that’s what I’ll do because I work for you and doing the right thing is doing the right thing for you.”

“This situation by its current trajectory will generate months of political and legal controversy. That is what is going to happen. That is how the political wind is blowing. It will consume government. It will cost taxpayers millions of dollars,” he said.

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