Great! No More Abortions in Indiana

The Indiana Republican Governor Eric Holcomb had announced Friday that a bill banning abortions in the state had been signed. This bill has prohibited the practice of abortion by just anybody except on specified exemptions.

Since the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in June, Indiana has made history as the first American state to approve new laws restricting access to abortions. On the 29th of July, West Virginia could have also done this but had passed on the opportunity.

The House of Congress voted to support this bill by 62 to 38, and the Senate also approved the legislation 28 to 19 on Friday.

All 11 democrats in the Senate had voted against this bill as they believe women should be able to reproduce as they want in their own time. One of the democrat senators, Jean Breaux, had worn a green ribbon on her lapel to the chambers on Friday to show that she was with the pro-choice movement. “We are backsliding on democracy. What other freedoms, what other liberties are on the chopping block, waiting to be stripped away?” she asked when speaking to the media.

A group of senate democrats had also taken to social media to lash out as they tweeted: “A massive government overreach. State-mandated pregnancy. A rollback of women’s rights. A failure of democracy. Call it what you want – it’s a stain on our state.”

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However, several citizens who have read the bill have argued that children deserve to live. They made points stating that people who are not ready to conceive should protect themselves and not become murderers. They added that the bill had protected the people with little or no choice in their pregnancy, which is all that matters.

Republican Representative Wendy McNamara proudly announced to the press after the vote in the House that the law makes Indiana “one of the most pro-life states in the nation.”

Holcomb, in a statement to the press, also clearly expressed his support for this bill. He said he was willing to support a law that protected life and believes this bill to have done just that. He also went ahead to commend and appreciate the people who had reached out to show their support for this bill and promised that “For my part as your governor, I will continue to keep an open ear.”

The bill permitted abortions where the fetus might be harmful to the carrier or if it is diagnosed with a lethal anomaly. It also allowed abortions in cases of incest and rape but only in the first 10 weeks post-fertilization.

In special cases where abortions are permitted by the new law, only hospitals or outpatient centers owned by hospitals are allowed to perform this operation. Other specialist doctors or abortion clinics are now illegal as this law has revoked their licenses. Doctors who still choose to perform this operation of their own accord without filing necessary reports will also immediately lose their medical licenses.

This abortion ban has been announced to be effective from the 15th of September 2022, and that day will truly mark a new beginning for the citizens of Indiana.

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