Gun Hating Liberals Ruin Civil War Reenactment With New Gun Control Law

Well, liberals have managed to ruin fun once again, which is something they have become exceedingly good at over the last twenty years or so. So, whose parade have they rained on this time? Thanks to a sweeping gun control law, a yearly Civil War reenactment that is held in a small town known as Angelica, located in the western part of New York, has been cancelled.

You know, this is such a simple issue to solve. If only we took the Constitution seriously. It clearly states that Americans have the right to own firearms and that such a right shall not be infringed. Boom. Done. Gun control is not constitutional, even in just a simple plain reading. Dump it in the garbage and let’s get back to it. Unfortunately, liberals are doing everything in their power to destroy the Second Amendment and ensure the populace is unarmed, which makes them perfect targets for a hostile takeover by oppressive governmental forces.

Okay, so let’s get back on track. Sorry about the rant.

Here’s more details on the cancelled reenactment from TheBlaze:

Organizers of the 19th annual Angelica Civil War Reenactment, which was founded by a Boy Scout troop nearly 20 years ago, said they cannot put on the event this year or in the foreseeable future because it would be a felony to possess black powder firearms in public, even if they aren’t loaded, under the gun control regime enacted by Democratic lawmakers.

“The new firearms law passed by the State of New York and effective September 1st changed more than the handgun permit requirements. Also added are prohibitions against possession of many types of firearms in ‘sensitive locations’ which include streets, sidewalks, parks and most public locations,” the event organizers went on to say in a post on Facebook published on Sept. 4.

“Black powder weapons are not excepted from this ban. Possession of a firearm in public is now a felony,” the group continued.

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“After obtaining a legal opinion, it was determined that we could not continue with holding the event this year. Participants could be subject to arrest. So, the event is canceled this year. If the law is modified or overturned, we hope to return in the future,” they stated.

Under the law signed by Gov. Kathy Hochul (D) on July 1, so-called “sensitive areas” include all public parks with few exceptions, airports, houses of worship, government buildings, and all private property except where the owners have posted signage permitting lawful gun owners to carry their firearms. There are limited exemptions for current and retired law enforcement, peace officers, licensed security guards, active-duty military personnel, hunters, and some government employees.

The statute is broad and does not contain exemptions for ceremonial purposes, like Memorial Day or Veterans Day parades, or historical demonstrations like Civil War reenactments. The Allegheny Highlands Council of Scouts BSA, which helps run the event, has offered refunds to the scouts and families who had registered to participate, the Olean Times Herald reported.

State Sen. George Borrello, a Republican who is the representative for the southwestern corner of New York, tore into the gun control law in a statement he penned and sent on to the paper.

“This is what happens when you draft legislation designed to punish people you perceive as your enemies without thinking of the consequences,” Borrello ranted. “It’s symbolic of the total dysfunction one-party rule has created in Albany. For nearly 20 years the Angelica Civil War Reenactment has entertained and educated school children and adults about the pivotal role our region had in preserving the Union and ending slavery.”

The state congressman continued to spit total fire by going on to say, “Every year the event draws hundreds of Civil War reenactors and thousands of spectators to Angelica. Now, due to Gov. Hochul’s misnamed, misguided and unconstitutional ‘Concealed Carry Improvement Act’ the reenactment is canceled.”

“This law does nothing to protect New Yorkers from the scourge of gun violence that’s swept across our state since the majority in the Legislature and former Gov. Cuomo ended cash bail for most criminal offenses,” Borrello added in his statement. “Rather, it is aimed squarely at punishing law-aiding gun owners. Here is the proof.”

Again, the Second Amendment itself clears up all of the confusion. Just do a basic study of the language and the time period in which the amendment was written in order to get the context and exegete the text accordingly. The conclusion of its meaning, based on original intent, is clear. Americans have the right to bear arms. Anything that gets in the way of that which is not codified by an amendment, is an infringement of that right, thus it is not the law. Period.


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