HA! Soros Prosecutor Who Charged St. Louis Couple For Defending Their Home Didn't Report Trips As Law Requires

Well, well, well. Looks like Ms. “Law and Order” prosecutor Kim Gardner, who charged the St. Louis couple with crimes for defending their home against a Black Lives Matter mob last month, has some legal issues of her own.

According to an investigation by local CBS affiliate KMOV, Gardner – whose campaign was mostly by Left-wing billionaire George Soros – has been flying all over the country and the world with so-called ‘criminal justice reformers’ but hasn’t disclosed her trips.


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And yet, by law, she’s supposed to.

The station reports:

Sources tell News 4 Gardner is a frequent flyer. At times during her tenure as prosecutor, sources say, she has often been gone from her office a couple of times every month, jetting around on someone else's dime.

Social media snaps show Gardner posing for pictures in Portugal, listening to conversations in New Haven, Connecticut, smiling with other prosecutors in Houston and linking arms in Selma, Alabama.

They are trips she apparently took in 2018 and 2019, but did not disclose on travel reports, as required by law.

Sources also told the CBS affiliate that at least some of Garnder's trips were fully paid for by a group misnamed "Fair and Just Prosecution" which supports so-called 'progressive prosecutors' -- those who base their decisions on whether or not to prosecute someone not on the crime they are alleged to have committed but often on the color of their skin.

The group has often praised Gardner's actions including the charges she filed against the home defenders, Mark and Patricia McCloskey, despite the fact that Missouri law specifically provides citizens with the right to defend their homes with armed force, if necessary.  

"The group is also supporting outspoken prosecutors such as Marilyn Mosby in Baltimore, who has also recently responded to criticism about her travel, and acknowledged she took a number of trips, saying they were properly reported," KMOV reported.

In addition to Gardner, St. Louis County Prosecutor Wesley Bell also accompanied Fair and Just Prosecution on trips including a European jaunt. It's not clear, the station said, whether he disclosed his trips. 

“When something isn't reported, the public has a right to ask well, why wasn't it?” said Patrick Ishmael with the Show Me Institute.

He noted further that travel reporting requirements are important for citizens to know so they can trust those they have elected to be responsible and do the right things.

“Elected officials have an obligation to be transparent and that's especially true related to their duty because the public wants to know their officials are working for the interest and not someone else’s,” he said.

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St. Louis statutes require all elected officials to report their travel and, importantly, whether it was paid for by themselves, by taxpayers, or by others.

Also, in some cases KMOV noted, elected officials are required to disclose the identities of the groups or individuals who bought and paid for their travel.

This could get very interesting very quickly, as well as legally nefarious for Gardner. Stay tuned.