Here Are The 3 House Republicans Who Voted With Democrats To Allow Men To Play Female Sports

IOWA, AMERICA - MAY 01, 2020: Vice President Joe Biden attends the McKinley Elementary School gymnasium in Des Moines, discussing issues including the recent escalation with Iran.

On Thursday, House Democrats continued to steamroll overmatched Republicans with their drive to transform America by passing a bill that will further erode longstanding social norms by putting the power of the federal government behind their radical agenda.

With the passage of the Orwellian “Equality Act,” Democrats have struck quickly to impose their will through legislation that will among other things, permanently destroy women’s and girls sports by forcing schools to allow transgender “men” to compete against biological females who will be at a distinct physical advantage to their male counterparts.

No matter how extreme that it was, the bill was always a slam dunk in the Democrat-controlled House where Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her lieutenants ruthlessly enforce lockstep compliance with party priorities and it was approved 224-206.

Sadly, there were three Republicans who chose to be complicit in wrecking the hopes and dreams of young female athletes, many of whom live in their congressional districts.

Defecting to the Democrats were Pennsylvania Rep. Brian Fitzpatrick along with Reps John Katko and Tom Reed, both of New York who provided Pelosi with bipartisan cover.

Via Breitbart News, “3 House Republicans Voted for ‘Equality Act,’ Permitting Men to Compete in Female Sports”:

“Three Republicans joined Democrats in voting for the Equality Act on Thursday. Reps. John Katko (R-NY), Tom Reed (R-NY), and Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) voted with Democrats on the vote to ensure “sexual orientation and gender identity are included among protected classes — without protection for religious objections.”

If the bill becomes law, it would likely upend the national culture as Americans have known it, affecting women’s and girls’ sports, privacy in public facilities, and faith-based institutions.

Katko, Reed, and Fitzpatrick disagreed with their Republican opponents that say the legislation would force women and girls to share private spaces with men. Republicans also say the bill could facilitate men participating in women’s sports if they identify as female.
If the Equality Act passes in the Senate as well, President Joe Biden is expected to sign it into law.

The legislation would end the federal recognition of male-female biological sex in favor of “gender identity” by rewriting civil rights law to include “sexual orientation and gender identity” as protected classes.”

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The bill amends the 1964 Civil Rights Act to include federal protections for transgenders, a minuscule percentage of the nation’s demographic. This demographic is key to the intersectionality dogma that serves as the glue that holds the Democrats’ coalition together by uniting all identity groups with the exception of white heterosexual Christians together against a common “oppressor.”

The bill faces an uncertain future in the Senate where Democrats currently enjoy a precarious 50-50 “majority” with Kamala Harris being the deciding vote.

Through their actions, Reps Fitzpatrick, Reed, and Katko have likely earned themselves primary challengers for next year’s midterm elections.

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