Here Are The Rust Belters That Polls Are Missing: ‘He’s Done Everything He Said He Would Do’

Supporters of President Donald Trump have had to endure a lot of déjà vu all over again when it comes to polling in 2020.

We’ve been led to believe that a sleepy, uncharismatic, gaffe-prone, borderline racist, mind-challenged former vice president and senator, Joe Biden, along with an abrasive running mate who wasn’t popular enough to last long in the Democratic primaries, Kamala Harris, have maintained high-single-digit and double-digit leads over the president all summer long and into the fall.

While the president draws tens of thousands of enthusiastic supporters who travel to his venues to wait a day or more to see him, Biden and Harris draw crowds of singles. It’s pathetic, the difference.

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But even at this late stage of the game, Biden-Harris remain up over Trump-Vice President Pence by several points in some polling. And yet, a view from the ground in battleground states says otherwise, according to New York Post columnist Miranda Divine.

In a just-published column, she says “Rust Belters” are enthused about voting for Trump-Pence and what’s more, they can point to actual reasons why.

She implores us to “forget the polls” and notes:

To get a real sense for how this election is going, you need to ignore the national polls in establishment media that have Joe Biden poised for a decisive victory.

Look, instead, at the enthusiasm on the ground for Donald Trump and the economic optimism he represents.

Try driving from Manhattan through the crucial battleground state of Pennsylvania to Weirton, West Virginia, and talk to voters who have driven from three states to join a grassroots “Trump Train” car rally.

It only takes about seven hours, but the journey takes you from the capital of Trump Derangement Syndrome to a place where people proudly dress head to toe in clothing with the president’s face ­emblazoned on it.

Much of the area is populated with increasingly re-occupied steel, auto, and energy plants and facilities thanks to the president’s promise of delivering jobs back to America and revitalizing sectors (and regions) of the American economy so that our people are finally put first.

Devine notes:

…Trump’s “America first” policies, steel furnaces restarted, manufacturing jobs began to come back, and oil and gas boomed. A giant ethane “cracker” plant sprang up outside Pittsburgh, with more to come in Ohio and, locals hope eventually, if the greenies can be stopped, in West Virginia.

This re-energized economy, albeit with a pandemic pause, accounts in large part for the loyalty many former Democratic voters feel toward the president today.

“I support Trump because he’s pro-life, he supports the right to bear arms and because he supports my livelihood, which is oil and natural gas,” says Ohioan Jason Laster, 44, a maintenance foreman for Southwestern Energy who joined the Trump Train in Weirton.

“I just feel like he’s done great things for the country already. And, four more years, if we can get [House Speaker Nancy] Pelosi to quit trying to impeach him, then I feel like he’s gonna do a bunch more great things.”

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Adds hog farmer Ross Miller, 39: “He’s done everything that he said he would do when he was campaigning. So everybody’s saying, you know what, this guy did this for the first 3½ years. Let’s see what he’s going to do for another four years.”

Devine says Florida-based political consultant Albert Marko tells her the economy is the No. 1 issue for voters (as usual).

“The [Democrats’] strategy to only use COVID response against Trump’s economy was an absolute disaster … as people vote with their paycheck and rarely ideology,” he told the post.

“The fear-inducing lockdowns have run their course, as the public is desperate for normalcy.”

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