Here's The Updated Delegate Count After Huge South Carolina Primary

The establishment was overjoyed after Joe Biden cleaned Bernie Sanders' clock in South Carolina on Saturday. 

The big win pulled Biden's staggering campaign off of life support even though it may only be temporary with Sanders expected to win big on Super Tuesday. 


Lunchbucket Joe calmed the nerves of party bigwigs and jittery donors when he walloped the avowed socialist 48-19 percent largely because as predicted, he had the black vote in his hip pocket. 

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Biden also rebounded from being routed in the first three states to being within striking distance in the delegate count 57-51.

The only other candidate with over 10 delegates is Mayor Pete who as expected, was a non-factor in South Carolina. 

The victory along with dismal performances by the other candidates will likely turn the battle for the nomination into a two-horse race with the media putting a finger on the scale for Biden. 

The win marked the first ever for the former vice president in a primary spanning three different White House runs and despite months of gaffes, senior moments and nasty confrontations with voters, there is once again Joe-mentum in the air. 

Via Fox News, "Biden's South Carolina win may aid primary reset -- but Super Tuesday will decide":

 Joe Biden got the win he needed Saturday night – resurrecting a Democratic White House bid that likely would have collapsed if the former vice president hadn’t won South Carolina's first-in-the-South presidential primary.

After poor fourth- and fifth-place finishes in Iowa’s caucuses and New Hampshire’s primary, followed by a distant second-place showing last weekend in Nevada’s caucuses behind rival Sen. Bernie Sanders, Biden -- the once-unrivaled front-runner in the Democratic race to take on President Trump in November -- greeted a crowd of energized supporters at his victory celebration in South Carolina’s capital city.

“Just days ago the press and the pundits declared this candidacy dead," he said. "Now, thanks to all of you, the heart of the Democratic Party, we just won -- and we won big. We are very much alive."

In the Palmetto State, where Biden was counting on his popularity among African-Americans, he captured 48 percent of Democratic presidential primary voters, crushing Sanders by nearly 30 percentage points and making up lots of lost ground to the populist senator from Vermont in the all-important race for convention delegates.

Now Biden will bask in the glory of three days of love from a media that is terrified at the prospect of a Sanders nomination and the chance that his angry mob's revolution will end with wealthy their heads mounted on pikes. 

However, billionaire Michael Bloomberg will appear on ballots for the first time when 14 states cast their votes on Tuesday and is airing a 3-minute coronavirus ad on Sunday night featuring the short man in a faux oval office. 

Despite his Clyburn-assisted clobbering in the Palmetto State, the Sanders campaign tooted its own horn over a massive $46 million fundraising haul in February coming mostly from small donations. 

Bloomberg is probably toast after his horrific debate performances but he has both the ego and the money to stick around long enough to draw support away from Biden and keep the door cracked open for the return of Hillary. 

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Regardless of how Super Tuesday goes, the establishment has propped the senile Biden up on the white horse that it hopes to ride into what will be a brokered convention this summer where the superdelegates will steal the nomination from Sanders. 

Then all hell will break loose.