Hillary Clinton Calls Trump a “Failure,” Suggests Trump Supporters Don’t Have a “Beating Heart”

Twice failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton ironically had the audacity to call President Donald Trump a “failure” during an interview with the New York Times.

The 2016 failed presidential candidate also had some things to say about Trump supporters considering she suggested that they do not have a “beating heart” or “working mind.”

The Daily Wire reports: “Clinton has confined her criticism of Trump to social media over the last several weeks, becoming particularly vocal after the Park Police in Washington, D.C., cleared the streets in front of the White House so that Trump could walk across the street and speak in front of the historic St. John’s Church.”

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Clinton said on Twitter in response to the President’s walk to St. John’s church: “Tonight the President of the United States used the American military to shoot peaceful protestors with rubber bullets & tear gas them, For a photo op. This is a horrifying use of presidential power against our own citizens, & has no place anywhere, let alone in America. Vote.”

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Last week, Clinton, who has been in public office for decades, had the audacity to comment on systemic racism and “white privilege.”

Clinton also made similar comments during an interview with the New York Times where she immediately started criticizing those who support the President.

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“It is a mystery why anybody with a beating heart and a working mind still supports him,” she said.

“If it’s about a terrible pandemic with an unprecedented virus, he tries to ignore it, tries to keep the attention on himself,” she continued. “Then when it becomes impossible to do that, he tries to seize the moment and turn it into a daily rally, like he loves to do. And then when it becomes impossible to ignore, he tries to change the subject, he tries to withdraw from the spotlight so he can come up with some other diversion and distraction for the body politic and the press.”

Clinton continued by claiming that the way the President has reacted to the rioting and looting across the country is draconian.

“[W]hen we have a terrible killing like we did in Minneapolis, he makes some steps toward — in the very early hours after we all saw that horrific video — to look like he’s going to be empathetic, to look like he’s going to try to talk about this stripping bare of the continuing racism and inequities of law enforcement and justice system,” she said. “And then he pivots again because he’s not comfortable doing that.”

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