‘Hope They Learned A Lesson’: Schumer Mocks Texas Over Crisis, Says They ‘Ignored Climate Change’

So much for all of that “unity” Democrats claimed they wanted.

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Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer is mocking Texas for “ignoring climate change” as the state is battling a crisis from the record-breaking winter weather last week.

The historic snow, ice, and blistering arctic air left millions of Texans were in the dark and cold for days.

The Electric Reliability Council of Texas — which is responsible for supplying the majority of the state’s electricity for more than 25 million Texans — has come under fire for vulnerabilities in the Texas power grid.

In fact, Texas was just “seconds and minutes” away from experiencing catastrophic failure with its energy grid that would have left the state in the dark for months, the Texas Tribute reported.

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In response, Schumer said he hopes Texas “learned a lesson,” attributing the significant energy issues to officials who have “ignored climate change.”

“The bottom line is, Texas thought it could go it alone and built a system that ignored climate change,” Schumer said while speaking in Manhattan, the New York Post reported.

“It was not what’s called resilient, and now Texas is paying the price,” he mocked. “I hope they learned a lesson.”

Schumer went on to bash Texas officials for allegedly not considering the effects of climate change when constructing their energy systems.

“When we build power, when we build anything now, we have to take into account that climate change is real, or people will have to be caught the way the people in Texas were,” Schumer said.

“When I wrote the [Hurricane] Sandy bill, $60 billion for New York, we made sure everything was resilient,” he added. “When they built back the subways, built back this, built back that, they were going to be resistant to climate changes, and we have to do that.”


Newsweek reported:

Although Texas mostly relies on natural gas for electricity—which was also affected by the extreme weather—the state’s GOP officials have blamed the power outages on green energy, mostly fixating on wind turbines that froze in the unprecedentedly cold temperatures.

Abbott has claimed wind and solar power failures “thrust Texas into a situation where it was lacking power on a statewide basis,” adding the Green New Deal would be a “deadly deal” for the U.S.

Texas Lt. Gov Dan Patrick has reiterated the claims, saying Texas “cannot go down this road” of green energy and that fossil fuels, coal, and nuclear energy are “what this country and this state needs.”

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Texas congressman Dan Crenshaw claimed Texas’ outages “would have been much worse” if the state’s power grid had been “more reliant on the wind turbines that froze.”

Texas GOP Gov. Greg Abbott also called for a probe into ERCOT, saying it was “anything but reliable,” and urged its leadership to resign. Patrick mused that it may be time to “get rid of ERCOT altogether and start with a new form.”

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