House Dem Slams Her Own Party For Pushing Liberal ‘Wish List’ During Pandemic: ‘Not A Good Look’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi passed arguably one of the most radical bills imaginable in the Democratic-controlled House of Representatives last week. 

The House voted 208 to 199 to pass a $3 trillion relief bill amid the coronavirus bringing the U.S. economy to a grinding halt.


The bill, however, is so radical that more than a dozen Democrats even voted against it.

Fourteen Democrats crossed party lines to vote against it, and New York Rep. Peter King was the only Republican who voted in favor.

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California Democratic Rep. Katie Porter excoriated her own party over the legislation, calling it a liberal "wish list" that has no chance of getting any bipartisan support.

“The HEROES Act is dead on arrival," Porter said, The Hill reported. 

"There was no bipartisan negotiation here and no effort at bipartisan negotiation, which I also think is problematic," Porter went on to say. "It’s not to say that we could’ve gotten there. It’s not to say that the Republicans would’ve agreed with our priorities. But I do not think it is a good look in a time of national crisis to act in a strictly partisan way. I don’t like it when Donald Trump does it, and I don’t like it when Nancy Pelosi does it."

Several other House Democrats who voted against the bill did not mince their words about how bad the bill is.

Iowa Democratic Rep. Abby Finkenauer slammed the bill as not being bipartisan.

“The next federal COVID-19 relief package must be focused on helping families, workers, small businesses, and local governments," she said. "It needs bipartisan buy-in, and should not be tied up with unrelated provisions. I came to Washington to get things done, and this legislation only serves to push real relief further down the road."

Democratic Oklahoma Rep. Kendra Horn said bills that lack bipartisanship during a time of crisis such as the pandemic are a "disservice to the American people."

Rep. Elaine Luria, a Democrat from Virginia, said Pelosi's bill would double the federal spending for the fiscal year and said spending of that scale needed input from both parties.

Democratic Rep. Ben McAdams Of Utah slammed the bill as a partisan "wish-list," saying too many provisions in the bill strayed from the actual goal of helping the country.

Iowa Democratic Rep. Cindy Axne said she couldn't vote for the bill "in good conscience," calling it "Washington gamesmanship."

Republicans also excoriated the bill.

"So much of what's in this bill simply has nothing at all to do with the current crisis," said Rep. Tom Cole, R-Okla. "It's more like a liberal Christmas ... wish list. It would make more sense ... to just send it straight to Santa Claus than to send it to the United States Senate. It would have a better chance of becoming law that way."

It is also important to note that it speaks volumes that so many House Democrats slammed Pelosi's bill publicly.

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Thankfully, this radical bill has no chance at all to pass in the Republican-controlled Senate.