House Impeachment Manager Slips Up, Reveals Why Dems Want Trump Gone Now

Democratic impeachment manager, Rep. Zoe Lofgren, had quite the slip of the tongue this week when she admitted the real reason why Democrats are trying so hard to remove the president now.

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During an interview with host Jake Tapper on CNN’s “State of the Union”, Lofgren revealed that Democrats’ partisan impeachment is about stopping President Donald Trump from being re-elected.

Lofgren claimed that Democrats went to court during the impeachment inquiry, to which Tapper interjected to say, “You didn’t pursue it in court, you ultimately withdrew the cases and went to the Senate.”

Lofgren alleged Democrats “ultimately had the evidence we were going to get,” adding that it was “sufficient to prove” their case.

Asked if Democrats surrendered to the president’s "stonewalling," Lofgren admitted impeachment is about the election: “I guess in that sense we did. If we had waited 3 or 4 years the election would be over, the issue would be almost moved,” she confessed.

She was then asked about her colleague Jerry Nadler, who is also a House impeachment manager presenting the case before the Senate, telling Senators that “if they didn’t vote for new witnesses and documents, they would be participating in a cover-up.”

Lofgren agreed the Senate should get new witnesses but admitted it would "take too long," another admission this is about stopping Trump before the November election.

“We tried to get witnesses, we were stonewalled. But here’s the thing, the Chief Justice of the United States is presiding over this trial. If he sides with the subpoena or a witness to come, we’re gonna get that witness. We’re not gonna be in court for 3 or 4 years,” she said.


Last Wednesday, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff also admitted Democrats are trying so hard to remove the president before the election.

“The House did not take this extraordinarily step lightly,” Schiff began. “As we will discuss, impeachment exists for cases in which the conduct of the president rises beyond mere policies, disputes to be decided otherwise, and without urgency at the ballot box.”

He concluded: “For precisely this reason, the president’s misconduct cannot be decided at the ballot box, for we cannot be assured that the vote will be fairly won.”

At least Democrats are being honest about it now. 

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This is what it's all about: the election. They have set the narrative that if Trump wins again, they'll claim the results are illegitimate. 

And the majority of the media will back them up.