HYPOCRISY ALERT: Dem Rep Will Attend House Speaker Vote Despite Being COVID POSITIVE

Throughout the entire COVID pandemic, Democrats have been lecturing Americans about how they should live their daily lives.

Interestingly enough, it’s the Democrat politicians who repeatedly break their own rules.

Now, Democrat Rep Gwen Moore is going to potentially infect hundreds of people today by attending the House Speaker vote even though she is COVID POSITIVE.

CNN Capitol Hill correspondent Kristin Wilson reported that Moore would be in attendance despite testing positive for COVID just 6 days ago.

Take note, Rep. Moore will surround herself with people KNOWING she has the China virus…while at the same time lecturing you about wearing masks because you MIGHT be sick.

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Add this to the long list of COVID hypocrisy from left wing politicians.

In 2020, Gavin Newsom dined indoors and mingled with his rich buddies while not wearing a mask…Nancy Pelosi got special access to a hair salon while everything else was shut down…Andrew Cuomo shamed New Yorkers for “not wearing masks”, and then he was seen in public without a mask.

How much more will the American people take?

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