Hypocrites at ESPN Weigh In on Los Angeles Mayoral Race

I always thought ESPN was an acronym for Entertainment and Sports Programming Network. So when did they decide to throw their hat or allow their “personalities” to throw their hats into the political ring in the form of endorsements?

Honestly, it’s not a shocking move, considering the advanced video game level of left-wokeness the Disney-owned company displays regularly.

Is it appropriate, however, is the bigger picture. Here’s what happened, according to Outkick:

When ESPN president Jimmy Pitaro said in 2018 that ESPN is “not a political organization,” he must have meant with the exception of Mina Kimes and the other privileged wokes at the network.

Wait, did ESPN really say that? Forgive my ignorance about their on-air talent, as I haven’t watched the network in many years except for a very rare occasion.

Sunday, Kimes uploaded a photo to her Instagram story that encouraged sports fans to vote far-Left Karen Bass for Mayor of Los Angeles. Bass will lower taxes, unlike her opponent Rick Caruso, Kimes wrote out.

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Well, if Mina Kimes is going to endorse a lefty mayor for a city that is already in decay due to crime, drugs, homelessness, and a bevy of other social and political issues, then we should all pay attention!

Outkick continues:

Since 2018, ESPN has also allowed Mark Jones to post fringe left-wing ideas on social media, Jalen Rose to lie about the American police force, and Elle Duncan to protest Florida Republicans for banning the discussion of gender fluidity in classrooms third grade and younger.

You’d think that ESPN would be less transparent about its liberal exception to the rule since Sage Steele is suing ESPN and its parent company, Disney, for using selective punishment when it benched her for answering questions about the COVID-19 vaccine and Barack Obama on a podcast with Jay Cutler last year. Apparently, ESPN has no shame.

Besides no shame, they apparently ignore the network president as well. Indeed, the puppet strings at ESPN are being run by the woke mob at Disney, as the sports network is just a shell of itself, culturally and competitively.


Once upon a time Sportscenter was mandatory viewing. Now it’s nothing more than a fond memory of a time when you could count on ESPN to deliver your daily fix of highlights.

These days, ESPN is for libs, by libs, and their popularity shows it. Exclude and alienate roughly fifty percent of your viewers and your bottom line will reflect it.

See, even though most ESPN bosses lean Left, they don’t enjoy when Mark Jones tells Rush Limbaugh to “rot in hell” or when Bomani Jones says “white people are the problem” or when Kimes endorses a candidate openly and aggressively. However, ESPN is too afraid to say anything about it, publicly or to the talents directly.

Think about it, if ESPN told Kimes to take down her IG photo with Bass, either Kimes or her allies in the press — and there are many — could accuse ESPN of not allowing a woman of color to support a woman of color running for office. That’s almost certainly the thinking internally. Just the thought of that possibility deters ESPN from holding Kimes accountable.

The far left has hijacked a once great network, and Disney is to blame. As always the only way to fight back is to take dollars elsewhere. Make ESPN and Disney understand what GO WOKE, GO BROKE means!

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