“I Don’t Think Trumpism Is Going Away”: Mitt Romney Whines During CNN Interview Over Trump

During an interview with CNN, Republican Senator Mitt Romney whined about how he thinks President Trump will continue to have “substantial influence” over the GOP and how he won’t be going away any time soon.

The comments from Romney were made during an interview with CNN host Dana Bash who talked about President Trump’s “very firm grip on the Republican Party” as she asked Romney if he is worried the Republican Party won’t “be able to overcome Trumpism in the near future.”

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“Well, I think President Trump will continue to have substantial influence on the party,” Romney replied. “And I think if you look at the people who are rumored to be thinking of running in 2024, besides the president, those are people who are trying to appeal to kind of a populist approach, so I don’t think Trumpism is going away.”

The Senator continued by stating that “disagreements over policy and the vision of our respective parties” can be had without “continuing to promote a narrative which puts democracy itself in jeopardy.”

“And when you tell people that voting doesn’t work and that democracy can’t work because we don’t have legitimate elections, that’s a very dangerous thing to be saying,” he continued.


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While Romney looks past the 2020 election, President Trump is making it clear that he is not done yet with the election results.

On Sunday evening, President Donald Trump unleashed in a series of tweets over the 2020 election results.

“Swing States that have found massive VOTER FRAUD, which is all of them, CANNOT LEGALLY CERTIFY these votes as complete & correct without committing a severely punishable crime,” President Trump said.

“Everybody knows that dead people, below age people, illegal immigrants, fake signatures, prisoners, and many others voted illegally,” he continued. “Also, machine “glitches” (another word for FRAUD), ballot harvesting, non-resident voters, fake ballots, “stuffing the ballot box”, votes for pay, roughed up Republican Poll Watchers, and sometimes even more votes than people voting, took place in Detroit, Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and elsewhere.”

“In all Swing State cases, there are far more votes than are necessary to win the State, and the Election itself,” President Trump concluded. “Therefore, VOTES CANNOT BE CERTIFIED. THIS ELECTION IS UNDER PROTEST!”

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