“I’M NOT FINISHED”; Kamala Snaps At Female Reporter For Asking When She’ll Visit Border

Kamala Harris has been having a horrible week.

Her trip to Guatemala was a total failure full of embarrassing blunders, and now she is at it again by snapping at a female reporter for asking a simple question.

In a new interview with Univision, the recently-installed VP was simply asked when she was going to visit the border. Apparently, she has reached her tipping point.

“I’ve said I’m going to go to the border,” Kamala said.

“When are you going to go to the border, Vice President?” the reporter asked.

I’m not finished,” Kamala snapped as she awkwardly laughed and waved her finger at the Univision host.

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Watch below:

Twitter users immediately unloaded on Kamala for her condescending tone:

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