“I’M SICK OF THIS BULLS**T”; Megyn Kelly Takes Blowtorch To Biden And Fauci

Like most of America, Megyn Kelly is fed up with sleepy Joe Biden and Dr. Fauci. On her most recent radio show, Kelly said she is “sick of this bulls**t” after Fauci’s latest attempt to determine who can celebrate Christmas and who cannot.

“It’s down to Fauci like ‘hmm, I’ll decide whether you have Christmas, I’ll decide whether you have Thanksgiving,’” Kelly began during her epic rant.

No, you won’t, you won’t decide,” she said. “We’ll decide for ourselves. We don’t need you to tell us whether we should gather with our family over Christmas.”

I’m so sick of this bulls**t,” Kelly exclaimed. “These federal bureaucrats thinking that they can control our every move.”

Watch below (relevant portion starts near the 14 minute mark):

Kelly then began talking about the masks mandates that are being forced on children.

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“They’ve already got their hand over my kids mouths all day long at school with these unnecessary masks,” Megyn told Eric Bolling. “Which the CDC’s own study shows do nothing to stop the spread of COVID in children in the school setting. A reality they won’t acknowledge.”

“In the meantime, the Biden administration continues to flaunt its own mandates on all of us. The president and Mrs. Biden were in a restaurant in D.C. just last weekend where you do have to have a mask on inside at the restaurant,” Kelly added.

This stupid ass rule where you have to have it on your face while you walk in, you walk to your table, ” she exclaimed. “You can take it off at your table. The virus magically knows to stay just at your table and to not jump to the people passing through leaving the restaurant or going to the bathroom. It’s ridiculous.”

“But hey it’s his team that’s forcing these things on us,” Kelly added. “If I got to do it, so does he. But as it turns out, no, he didn’t do it and neither did Mrs. Biden they were walking out of the restaurant in the plain view of everybody and they weren’t wearing masks.”

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