Indicted St. Louis Man Who Defended Home Against BLM Mob Tells Tucker: 'It's a Totally Upside Down World'

The state of Missouri has a law known as “stand your ground.” It means pretty much what it sounds like it means: Missouri recognizes its citizens’ right to protect and defend themselves and their homes from threats.

And here’s a fun fact: When he was still a member of the Missouri Legislature, Gov. Mike Parsons (R) helped write the ‘stand your ground’ legislation.


Missouri also has a ‘constitutional carry’ statute, which is the closest thing to realizing our founders’ vision for the Second Amendment: No government ‘permitting’ or permission is needed for citizens there to carry a firearm. 

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Together, these two statutes make it pretty clear that the state believes in its citizens’ right to arm and to defend themselves.

But there’s a prosecutor in St. Louis who is so drunk on George Soros’ money she refuses to acknowledge these two statutes and has decided to charge Mark and Patricia McCloskey with felonies for arming up and defending their home against a threatening Black Lives Matter mob last month.

McCloskey discussed the charges and the cause during an appearance on Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight program on Monday.

“Mark McCloskey faces four years in jail and up to a $10,000 fine for the crime of defending himself when no-one else would,” Carlson said, introducing the segment.

“It seems like the only person in the United States who thinks we did something wrong is our [city’s] circuit attorney. She is the same person that let out of jail everybody that was responsible for the looting and fires and destruction, following the George Floyd death, in the city of St. Louis,” McCloskey said.

“It’s a totally upside-down world. The people who broke into my neighborhood were all trespassing,” he continued. The guy that recruited them, that planned this event, said the next day that he intended to break the law; that he needed to break laws in order to send his message.”

“None of those people are arrested. None of those people are charged,” McCloskey added. “The circuit attorney has apparently decided her job as a prosecutor isn’t to keep us safe from criminals but to keep the criminals safe from us. 

“It’s a bizarro, upside-down world. I’ve been a little irritated by this process until today and now I am just flat out pi–ed off. This has gotten to be outrageous,” McCloskey – himself a lawyer – noted further.

Well, he should be ticked off. Who wouldn’t be? The laws are clear in the Show Me State: You can be armed, especially on your own property. And you can stand your ground.

Fortunately, the McCloskeys have some powerful allies.

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One of them is the governor himself. 

“"Oh, by all means, I would and … I think that’s exactly what would happen,” Parsons told a local radio program when asked if he would pardon the McCloskeys.

“You know, right now, you know, that’s exactly what I feel. You don’t know until you hear all the facts and all that, but right now, if this is all about going after them because they did a lawful act, yeah, if that scenario ever happened, I don’t think they’re gonna spend any time in jail,” he added.