Insane: Dem Race Baiting Congressman Makes Ridiculous Claim about Slavery, Founding Fathers

Al Green is lucky that AOC, Ilhan Omar, and Rashida Tlaib are in the Congress as Democrats because, if they weren’t he’d be known as one of the worst of the bunch of the sorry cast of ridiculous, race-baiting characters the Democrats have elected to the legislature.

Proving his status as one of the most ridiculous of the bunch, Green decided to use “Slavery Remembrance Day”, an apparent holiday that no one knows exists and Biden and Biden apparently created recently, to claim that the slaves are the “founding mothers and fathers of this country”.

Yes, really. Speaking on that, Rep. Green said, from being his absurd mask while on a video call with MSNBC:

Well, reverent, I am so elated. We had our slavery remembrance day breakfast today. 1000 people in attendance. All of them there to commemorate the lives of those who were lost to this horrific institution known as slavery. And after the event, to receive an indication, and I have a copy of the statement in my hand, from President Joe Biden, marking Slavery Remembrance Day. This is the first time any president has ever done this. We recently passed a resolution in the house. First time that it’s ever been done.

“The historic significance of this is people will now have the opportunity to combat this big fabrication, insidious fabrication, of slavery being something as simple as involuntary relocation. We have a duty to ourselves and to those many generations that made it possible for us to be here, that made America the country it is. They are the founding mothers and fathers of this country too.

And we ought to be proud to say that we are descendants of those who were enslaved, who made America the country it is. Make no mistake about it. America would not be the America it is without centuries of unpaid workers, who built this country. This is our opportunity to combat the insidious prevarication’s that are starting to surface to sanitize slavery. I do think the president for what he has done. I will be eternally grateful to him. This, coupled with what he did with putting the first black woman on the Supreme Court, makes him an outstanding president in the history of this country. He will be compared with all of the great ones in the long run.

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So apparently we need to go back and rewrite all those books about Alexander, Plato, Socrates, Marius, Sulla, Julius Caesar, Augustus, Harian, Marcus Aurelius, Constantine, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, and James Madison, among thousands of others: it was the slaves that did the manual labor, not the great men that envisioned works of wonder or acted and directed action throughout history that really made the world what it is, particularly America!

Ridiculous stuff from Green, as could be expected from the race-baiting loon. The Founders are the Founding Fathers. They’re the ones that came up with it all and built it, just as the great men among the Romans and Greeks did. The slaves might have gotten the callouses from doing so, but the great men are the ones we remember for a reason.

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