Insane: “Morning Joe” Hosts Call Trump’s Covid Plan “Murderous”

Morning Joe’s Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough went on an anti-Trump rant typical of leftist media during a recent segment of their show, even going so far as to attack Trump’s response to Covid as “murderous”.

It began when Willie Geist, a co-anchor of Morning Joe, said that there are a number of things pushing inflation out of control, saying:

You can go back and look at, you know, some of the stimulus packages around Covid and all those things in hindsight. But boy, there’s a slew here of things that are driving this out of control.

Not content with simply noting that it’s not all Biden’s fault and that there are a variety of factors pushing inflation higher and higher, Joe Scarborough then jumped in, first reiterating Geist’s point and then attacking Republicans for spending money during Covid, saying:

A slew of things. And — and the one thing you can look at, at Biden if you — if you want to say, ‘Oh, it’s Biden’s fault,’ you can look at the last Covid relief package.

But of course, you know, I’m fine with independent economists doing that, I‘m not fine with Republicans on Capitol Hill doing that, when they — when — when they ran the biggest deficits and the largest debt, the biggest budgets, the biggest spending programs in the — in the history of the Republic. So —

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Ignored is that the House was dominated by the Democrats, which was behind pushing some of those big bills, particularly during the Covid Era, and that regardless of Congress it was Democrats agitating for more and more spending and Republicans who were generally uneasy with spending so much freshly printed money in so short a time.

Regardless, Mika Brzezinski then picked up his point, cutting of Scarborough to make a joke at Trump’s expense about Covid, saying:

Under our president who taught bleach would do the trick. So —

Scarborough, being a bit more reasonable, then, in turn, cut her off, saying “Well, I’m not exactly sure —

And then Brzezinski cut him off again, saying “Well, I’m just saying. Trump’s Covid response was —
Scarborough jumped in saying “Inflationary, OK?” to which Brzezinski responded by saying “— murderous.

Both then said “ok”, in seeming agreement that Trump’s Covid policy was both inflationary and murderous.

As a note, there have been far, far more Covid deaths in 2021 and 2022, and thus under Biden, than there were under President Trump in 2020. So if Trump was “murderous” in his response to Covid, then Biden’s regime has been even more so.

Further, whatever his spending as president, inflation under President Trump remained quite low, whereas it has hit crisis levels under Biden, hitting multi-decade high after multi-decade high. So, once again, if Trump was inflationary in his spending, then so has Biden.

But, of course, that’s not leftist propaganda, so it’s not what they’re going to say on “Morning Joe”.

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