“Is the Pope Catholic?”: Former Democrat Illinois Governor is Asked If He Thinks the Election Was Stolen

During an interview with Newsmax, former Democrat Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich’s was asked if he thinks the 2020 presidential election was stolen by Democrats.

“If the question is have the Democrats stealing votes in Philadelphia, my answer is, ‘is the pope Catholic?'” Blagojevich’s said. “It’s a time honor tradition in big Democrat controlled cities like Chicago, my hometown, Philadelphia, to do precisely what they are doing.”

Later on in the interview Blagojevich added, “In Democrat big cities where they control the political apparatus and they control the apparatus that counts the votes, and they control the polling places and the ones who count those votes, it’s widespread and it’s deep and as I said, its a time honor tradition. It’s the kind of thing where everyone knows it happens.”


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