IT BEGINS: Ambassador To Israel Makes Immediate Changes To Twitter Profile Signaling Huge Change In Policy

Over the past 4 years, President Trump was a great friend to Israel in every way. Sadly, as of 12:01pm today, that sacred friendship will begin to be severely damaged.

Almost immediately after Biden was sworn in, Twitter users noticed a peculiar change on the profile page for the US Ambassador to Israel.

They changed the titled from “US Ambassador to Israel” to “US Ambassador to Israel, the West Bank, and Gaza”

Yashar Ali adds; “Noting that the US under Biden does not recognize Israel’s sovereignty over the West Bank and Gaza”

Look below:

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“When Biden said he will “repair our alliances,” he meant the PLO and Hamas,” notes David Harsanyi

Buckle up, patriots. This is just a sign of things to come. Wait until Biden gets to work on deconstructing the peace deals that President Trump made in the Middle East.

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