James Carville Says People Who Think Bernie Will Beat Trump Are ‘Stupid’

Longtime Democratic strategist James Carville has been very active lately slamming his party for their dramatic shift towards Sen. Bernie Sanders and his radical, far-left policies. 

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During an interview on MSNBC, Carville warned that nominating Sanders to face President Donald Trump in the general election would be political suicide.

Carville expressed fear on MSNBC that the media is not appraising voters of the risks of nominating Sanders.

“The entire theory that by expanding the electorate, increasing turnouts, you can win elections, is the equivalent of climate denying. When people say that, they are as stupid to a political scientist as a climate denier is to an atmospheric scientist,” he said.

Carville continued that he understood Sanders supporters who backed the Vermont Independent because of his platform.

But, he said, “If you’re voting for him because you think he’ll win the election, because he’ll galvanize heretofore sleepy parts of an electorate, then politically, you’re a fool.”

“And that’s just a fact,” Carville continued. “It’s no denying it, there’s so much political science, so much research on this that it’s not even a debatable question. And if people are appraised of this, and they know that, and they want to do it as Democrats, that’s their own business. But I don’t think they have all the facts that they need before they make this judgment going forward.”

“You’re describing a lot what sounds like political suicide?” MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace said.

“It is,” Carville said.

Wallace proceeded to describe a Sanders win in MSNBC as “hitting the bottom.”


Carville has been going after Bernie a lot given the socialist lawmaker has been surging in the polls.

Earlier this month, Carville said while on MSNBC that he's "scared to death" of the direction his party is going.

Carville pointed to the success Democrats had during the 2018 midterm elections and stressed that it "matters" who the candidates are and what the party chooses to talk about.

"I'm 75 years old, why am I here doing this? Because I'm scared to death, that's why," Carville exclaimed. "Let's get relevant here ... all the Sanders people are taking pictures wishing Jeremy Corbyn the best. ... I don't want to go down that path."

The former Clinton advisor slammed the press corps for going "AOC crazy" over its coverage of Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., and pointed to more moderate candidates like former South Bend, Ind., Mayor Pete Buttigieg and Sen. Amy Klobuchar, D-Minn., who he noted "got a lot of votes" in Iowa.

"We've got to decide what we want to be. Do we want to be an ideological cult? Or do we want to have a majoritarian instinct to be a majority party?" Carville continued. "What we need is power, you understand? That's what this is about. Without power, you have nothing. You just have talking points."

Carville insisted that Democratic donors "will not give a popsicle to the DNC" with the current state of the 2020 field.

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It's clear Democrats are preparing for Republicans to win big across the board in November if Bernie is the nominee.