Jim Acosta Whines After Trump Wasn’t Asked About ‘Insurrection’ During Rush Limbaugh Segment

CNN reporter Jim Acosta’s life must be totally miserable now that President Trump is no longer in the White House. As a result, Jimmy has been deprived of the attention that he was once showered with.

On Wednesday, as the nation mourned the death of conservative talk radio legend Rush Limbaugh, Acosta again engaged in the shameful antics that have become his trademark.

Following an interview of Trump by Fox News host Sean Hannity in which the now-former POTUS paid tribute to Rush’s longtime contributions to the conservative cause, the obsessed Acosta took to his Twitter feed to ask why the topic of the so-called “insurrection” at the Capitol didn’t come up.

Look below:

Dear Diary:

“Fox News had Trump on but didn’t ask him about the insurrection he caused.”

He didn’t stop there.

The tweets had a desperate “look at me” appearance for a man whose rude outbursts made him into a resistance hero but he has now sadly discovered that his fame was wholly dependent on Trump.

Acosta’s outburst resulted in much scorn and mockery being rained down on him by Twitter:

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Now that his gig as CNN’s chief White House pest has ended, Acosta will be moved into an anchor role for the self-proclaimed “most-trusted name in news” on “CNN’s Newsroom” that airs from 3-6 pm ET on Saturday and Sunday; hardly a time slot that’s likely to draw many viewers.

But he will always have Twitter.