Jimmy Kimmel Sounds The Alarm On Cancel Culture: Cancelling Dr. Seuss “Is How Trump Gets Re-Elected”

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel routinely ridiculed, mocked, and criticized President Donald Trump when he was in office, often making dire predictions of doom and gloom that never came to fruition.

In fact, it could be said that Kimmel thrived during the Trump years because the country thrived. For that reason alone, Kimmel should want Trump back in office.

But instead, Kimmel is sounding a warning to his left-wing friends in Congress and in the culture: Stop with the radical stuff like canceling “Dr. Seuss” or Trump (and Republicans) are going to come roaring back into power.

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During his monologue on Wednesday, Kimmel noted that it was Dr. Seuss’ (real name Theodor Seuss “Ted” Geisel) 117th birthday, adding that a half-dozen of his books were being pulled from publication because the left-wing cancel culture suddenly found that they were ‘racist.’

After joking about how other Seuss books will now be renamed (“Horton Hears A They,” “Hop On Pop (With His Consent), Kimmel made a future political prediction.

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“This is how Trump gets reelected, by the way,” Kimmel told his audience. “Cancel Dr. Seuss, cancel Abe Lincoln, melt down Mr. Potato Head’s private parts and throw them at the Muppets. That is his path to victory the next time around.”

Watch below:

Kimmel actually knows of what he speaks; he’s been ‘canceled’ too, so to speak.

He took off from his nightly show after he faced a backlash from leftists for performing skits in blackface and using the n-word.

Breitbart News added:

The comedian said he was sorry at the time for the “words I spoke” but didn’t specifically admit to using the n-word, despite the existence of audio evidence.

Other notable TV liberals have made similar predictions and issued similar warnings about the leftist cancel culture going too far.

Among them, HBO’s Bill Maher.

During a recent show, Maher decried plans by the San Francisco public school district to rename several schools because of something the historic figure the school is named after did during the period in which he or she lived that is considered taboo today.

To him, an old-school liberal, such actions are not simply stupid and a waste of time and money, they are meaningless acts of political correctness that don’t carry any real benefit for people.

“This is not affecting anybody’s lives. It’s this virtue-signaling of I’m going to disappear this person because in 1984 they didn’t replace the right flag. I’m not saying this is an important issue, I’m saying, when you can’t put out the fires and you can’t build a house, it just looks like this is what you spend your time doing. It looks to a lot of the country, this is what the left is obsessed with, not real progress, this nonsense,” he said.

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During his program the weekend Trump gave his CPAC speech, Maher speculated that Trump was not about to leave the political scene.

“He is going to say Sunday that he’s the presumptive nominee in 2024, no one is going to oppose him, there are nine panels at the CPAC convention all about how the election was stolen, none about why it was lost. That’s where they are. If you think that 2024 is not going to be a nailbiter or that he isn’t going to be the nominee, I think you’re being naive,” Maher said.

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