Joe Biden Forgets TWICE When He Was Inaugurated Into Office in 2009 During Interview With Tom Hanks

On Tuesday during a virtual “Grassroots Fest” fundraiser with actor Tom Hanks, former Vice President Joe Biden forgot when he and former President Barack Obama got inaugurated in 2009.

“January of 2018…I mean excuse me 2012,” Biden said while trying to remember when he was inaugurated.

WATCH the clip below:

Biden had a similar embarrassing moment on Monday when Biden gave an interview with former stripper and extremely explicit rapper Cardi B.

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To make matters worse, Biden, the man who is supposed to take down President Donald Trump, forgot how many grandchildren he has.

Biden, who has seven grandkids, thought he only had five grandkids.

It seems that Biden forgot about his son Hunter Biden’s kids. One was with his wife Melissa Cohen this year and the other was Hunter Biden’s love child that he had with DC stripper Lunden Roberts.

“You’re telling me? I got four kids, five grand kids,” Biden said during the interview.

WATCH: (If video doesn’t play, CLICK HERE)

During the same interview, the Biden campaign editors had to split up the video clips of the two to make Biden appear smarter than he is.

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WATCH the clip below:

The Biden campaign is proving to be a total joke and the Trump campaign is making sure to capitalize on it.

For this upcoming week, President Donald Trump will be on the campaign trail and will be visiting Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Arizona while the Democrats hold their DNC convention.

In a clear shot at Biden, President Trump will be visiting the former VP’s hometown, Scranton, Pennsylvania on Thursday while Biden will be simultaneously delivering his virtual acceptance speech from his basement.

The Biden campaign was not happy about the President’s decision.

In response to the decision by President Trump, a Biden spokesperson said: “While these fly-in, fly-out airport sideshows might protect Trump from seeing the damage that he has done to communities throughout this country, they will only underscore why we have to win this battle for the soul of our nation.”

The President’s rapid response team fired back, “Team Biden is just jealous that, unlike Joe Biden, President Trump is actually able to go out, meet voters, and campaign!”

Biden has been confined to his home for several months considering his aids don’t want him out in the open considering he continues to embarrass himself at public events.

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