Joe Biden Running Scared After One Major Secret Went Public

Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden's campaign hasn't gotten off to the best start, and now he is running scared after one secret went public.

Biden has come under fire for having a devastating first round of presidential debates, praising segregationist Democratic senators, and endorsing a number of radical policies that most Americans would never support.


Now, things just got even worse.

His major secret? Biden is a multi-millionaire who has made serious money by giving paid speeches to wealthy cronies -- just like Hillary Clinton.

While he often calls himself "Middle Class Joe," the former VP's tax returns show that he is actually very wealthy.

The former vice president released three years worth of tax filings showing that Biden and his wife, Dr. Jill Biden, earned more than $15.6 million since leaving the White House in 2016.

The former second family earned a massive $8 million from a book deal and speaking engagements.

In 2016, the couple reported an income of $396,552.

One year later, the Biden's earned a whopping $11 million.

In 2018, the couple’s annual income decreased slightly to $4.58 million.

This is far from meeting his reputation as a middle-class guy. Biden is firmly in the ultra-rich and completely out-of-touch with the problems facing real Americans.

Biden's 2020 campaign has not gotten off to the smoothest start.

Earlier this month, Biden finally apologized after he boasted about working with pro-segregationists during his time in the U.S. Senate.

During a speech to a mostly black audience in Sumter, South Carolina, Biden did apologize for his comments being "hurtful," but did not say it was wrong to work with them.

Earlier this month, the former VP suggested starting a "real physical revolution" and using "brass knuckles" if the Republican-controlled Senate won't pass his agenda as commander-in-chief.

While addressing the Poor People’s Campaign, moderator and MSNBC host Joy Reid asked Biden how he would get his proposals through a GOP-led Senate.

Before that, he found himself in hot water again for plagiarizing a slogan from Michael Avenatti, the anti-Trump lawyer who briefly flirted with a 2020 run of his own before being indicted on multiple charges.

During a rally in Iowa, Biden said: “He says, ‘let's make America great again.’ Let's make America America again.”

Avenatti has used that slogan in public at least four times in the past year.

Biden's campaign also got busted last month for copying language for his environmental plan word-for-word from environmental nonprofits without attribution.

Since he announced his 2020 run back in April, four women have come forward and accused the former vice president of inappropriately touching them and pulling them in close to rub noses.