The world’s most popular podcast host, Joe Rogan, dropped a massive truth bomb about President Joe Biden that the vast majority of Americans will agree with, even if it’s in secret, while diehard liberals will no doubt pop a blood vessel in what little brains they have.

According to Rogan, it’s “f***ing dangerous” for Biden to be in office after the recent comments he made about defending Taiwan against China and then announcing “solidarity against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.”

The man is right on the money. Biden’s rhetoric is going to cause our country to get pulled into a conflict with one of these nations, or worse, launch World War III. Someone needs to put a muzzle on the guy’s mouth before he gets us in deep, deep trouble.

The Daily Wire said that during the Wednesday episode of “The Joe Rogan Experience,” the show host had a chat with libertarian political commentator Dave Smith about the deterioration of Biden, a fact that is scaring the heck out of Americans across the nation.

“The two talked about how ‘insane’ it is that Biden says ‘insane things’ before Smith said ‘the White House issued a statement that their policy has not changed. Who’s the White House?” Examples they gave were Biden’s comments about Ukraine/Russia policy and one about U.S. policy toward China and Taiwan,'” the Daily Wire reported.

“That’s why having a guy like him in office is f***ing dangerous,” Rogan explained. “But that’s legitimately dangerous, man.”

The podcast host, who has a knack for annoying the crap out of the radical left, then recounted why he said he “can’t vote for Biden,” which he revealed he got a lot of “s***” for.

“‘Like I’d vote for [former President Donald] Trump before I’d vote for Biden,’” the host stated matter-of-factly. “And the reason being is like you knew this. You knew he was deteriorating. Forget about his policies when he was lucid. I mean he was lucid during the Obama administration.”

“You barely heard from him,” he continued. “See, regardless of what you think about his policies, like as a human, that’s in a position of extreme stress and power. That’s nuts … that’s insane. He’s so far gone.”

The two then discussed whether or not the Democratic Party should run Biden or Vice President Kamala Harris, who both men said has struggled on the geopolitical front, and then wondered what the left might end up doing about the mess.

Rogan made a pretty funny comparison when he stated that the vice president is a lot like the “girlfriend” of “really good comics” who just so happens to also do “comedy too, but she bombs every time.” Adequately phrased if you ask me.

“Like they trot her out every now and then, they’re like ‘give her one more chance. Let her talk. Let her talk,’” Rogan said. “And it’s always chaos.”

“It’s like now she’s so triggered burnt,” he continued, speaking of Harris. “You could tell that she’s almost like shell-shocked. Yes, she’s much worse.”

Rogan finished up the segment by saying that Harris “doesn’t seem inarticulate, she seems pretty smooth” in some of the early campaign speeches she delivered. However, now that the “world is watching,” that’s not true anymore. The two then went on to hilariously mock her many word salads.

If Biden is not chosen to run for the Democrats and they instead push Harris, we’re in real trouble. Conservatives have no choice at that point but to work as hard as possible to win the 2024 election. Harris will finish putting this country in the dirt if she happens to ever become the commander-in-chief.