Joe Scarborough Wants To See Hillary Clinton Appointed To The Supreme Court If Biden Gets Elected

According to MSNBC host Joe Scarborough, Hillary Rodham Clinton would make a great Supreme Court Justice.

After Amy Coney Barrett was confirmed to the Supreme Court on Monday evening, the far-left host said he’d like to see the Democrats add 3 more justices in 2021. He wants one of those appointees to be Hillary Clinton.

In response to a GOP tweet, Scarborough said this:

What a great birthday gift it will be next year for Hillary Clinton when she is one of the three new Supreme Court justices appointed through the Judiciary Reform Act of 2021. Thanks for the idea, guys. Only your colleagues’ thuggish behavior made it possible. #ReformTheCourt”, Scarborough tweeted.

This idea of “packing the court” is consistent with the desires of top Democrat politicians after ACB’s confirmation:

Keep in mind, Republicans didn’t change ANY rules in order to confirm Amy Coney Barrett. They simply appointed her when given the opportunity to fill an empty seat.

Why must Democrats always change the rules when they lose?

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