Josh Hawley Blasts ‘Antifa Scumbags’ After Wife, Newborn Child Terrorized At Home

The degree to which radicalized Democrats no longer respect the nation’s institutions is evident in how party leaders have refused to denounce those who have embraced the practice of intimidation.

Cities have burned, innocent people have been assaulted, and members of the families of members of Congress are menaced by “activist” bullies without a peep from Nancy Pelosi and other Democrats. 

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On Monday, it happened again when a group of the party’s shock-troops descended on the Washington D.C. home of Republican Senator Josh Hawley who is leading efforts to object to the Electoral College certification of a blatantly fraudulent election. 

Senator Hawley was not home at the time but his wife and newborn daughter were the targets of a cadre of left-wing goons who terrorized them and vandalized property. 

He was out of town when the incident took place making it all the more reprehensible. 

Hawley tore into the “Antifa scumbags” for their reprehensible and un-American act on Twitter and defiantly declaring that he and his family will “not be intimidated by leftwing violence” which could intensify in the coming days. 

Via The Washington Examiner, “Josh Hawley says ‘Antifa scumbags’ threatened wife and newborn daughter at home”:

Sen. Josh Hawley said a group of “Antifa scumbags” threatened his wife and newborn daughter at their D.C. area home Monday night.

The Missouri Republican, who has made headlines for declaring his intent to contest the Electoral College results this week, announced the scary encounter on Twitter.

“Tonight while I was in Missouri, Antifa scumbags came to our place in DC and threatened my wife and newborn daughter, who can’t travel. They screamed threats, vandalized, and tried to pound open our door. Let me be clear: My family & I will not be intimidated by leftwing violence,” he said.

A group named ShutdownDC, which says on its website that it “uses strategic direct action to advance justice and hold officials accountable,” took credit for the late-night house visit in the Northern Virginia suburbs of D.C., noting the police arrived on the scene.

“We came to let Hawley know that his actions are undemocratic and unacceptable,” ShutDownDC activist Patrick Young said in a post online. “Voters decided who they wanted to be president and now Hawley is trying to silence their voices, even after Republican election officials certified the vote counts. And let’s not forget that the bulk of the votes they would throw out come from Black and brown voters. This is an attempted coup waged by silencing the voices of people of color.”

The group said the visit was an hour-long “vigil” with about a dozen activists, a description with which the senator took umbrage.

Now ‘vigil’ means screaming threats through bullhorns, vandalizing property, pounding on the doors of homes and terrorizing innocent people and children,” he tweeted.

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The group behind the accosting of a helpless woman and baby was Shutdown D.C., the same organization that had posted its intent to disrupt the county if President Trump won the election. 

Spokespersons for Shutdown D.C. have claimed that their harassment of Hawley’s family was a “candlelight vigil” despite their obvious intent to send a message to the Missouri Republican that his loved ones can’t be kept safe. 

According to a now-deleted tweet from the group’s account:

“Tonight we dropped in at the home of @HawleyMO to encourage him to end his attack on democracy. Let’s be clear, Hawley and his pals are doing real and serious damage to our democracy.”

Hawley rejected the “candlelight vigil” explanation which can accurately be described as an attack on the “democracy” that the “Antifa scumbags” and their Democrat masters so often pay lip service to. 

There is no way to deny that Democrats have not encouraged the terrorizing of GOP members of congress and other conservatives in public and in their homes after Rep. Maxine Waters’ was caught on video calling for such acts that bear the hallmarks of classic fascist regimes.

The message is clear, it’s open season on Trump supporters and the police won’t be able to protect you; sooner or later there is going to be violence and the blood will be on the hands of Democrat leaders. 

As of early Tuesday, “Mr. Unity” Joe Biden hasn’t denounced such despicable actions either and don’t expect him to. 

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