Journalist Blows The Whistle On Buffalo Public Schools; Students Forced to “Watch Video of Dead Black Children” to Warn Them About Racism

According to City Journal writer Christopher Rufo, “Buffalo Public Schools claim ‘all white people’ perpetuate systemic racism and forces kindergarteners to watch a video of dead black children warning them about ‘racist police and state-sanctioned violence.”

On February 23rd, the writer said he has obtained “whistleblower documents that will shock you.”

His twitter thread begins with Rufo teeing off on Fatima Morrell, whom he designates as the “Diversity Czar” of BPS. He writes “architect of the district’s pedagogical revolution, summarizes these dense phrases in a single word: ‘woke.’”

Look below for 3 of the tweets from his lengthy thread:

One veteran teacher who requested anonymity said that Morrell’s curriculum consists of “radical politics,” and that in practice they become a series of “scoldings, guilt trips, and demands to demean oneself simply to make another feel empowered.”

Apparently, teachers must “submit to these ‘manipulative mind games’ and express support for Morrell’s left-wing politics, or risk professional retaliation.”

According to Rufo, last year, in Morrell’s role as director of the Office of Culturally and Linguistically Responsive Initiatives, she created a new curriculum promoting Black Lives Matter in the classroom as well as an “antiracist” training program for teachers.

“During one all-hands training session, the details of which I have obtained through a whistleblower, Morrell claimed that America ‘is built on racism’ and that all Americans are guilty of ‘implicit racial bias,” Rufo continues in his thread.

“She argued that ‘America’s sickness’ leads some whites to believe that blacks are ‘not human,’ which makes it ‘easier to shoot someone in the back seven times if you feel like it,’ he adds.

“After Morell’s presentation, one teacher reaffirmed this political imperative, declaring that students must become ‘activists for antiracism’ and public-school teachers should begin ‘preparing them at four years old.”

In September 2020, Fox News Host Tucker Carlson reported on the District’s mandatory Black Lives Matter curriculum, which required schools to commit to “dismantling cisgender privilege,” creating a “queer-affirming network” and accelerating the “disruption of Western nuclear family dynamics.”

The lesson plan from within the school has teachers asking the students to compare their skin color with an arrangement of crayons and “to watch a video that dramatizes dead black children speaking to them from beyond the grave about the dangers of being killed by ‘racist police and state sanctioned violence.’”

Look below:

According to the information Rufo obtained, students are taught by the 5th grade students that their country has created a “school-to-grave” pipeline for black children.

By middle-school and high school, the children are “taught that all white people play a part in perpetuating systemic racism,” Rufo adds.

Bottom line is, American white children are being taught to feel guilty for their race and to hate themselves. Meanwhile, black children are taught to hate white people and to victimize themselves. It seems if this is not corrected, the United States will be more fragmented each day that goes by.

If you don’t think there is a plan to destroy the fabric of the United States, partly pushed by Black Lives Matter and other institutional powers, you should start paying more attention.

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