Kamala Ignores Border Crisis To Star In New YouTube Series For Kids

If it hasn’t already been made perfectly clear by now, Kamala Harris doesn’t give a damn about the border crisis. Tens of thousands of illegal immigrants (many of which are Covid-positive) are flooding into our nation and the Biden administration is doing nothing about it. Harris was appointed by Biden in March to correct the chaotic border crisis, but she has been doing anything BUT. In fact, she didn’t even feel the need to visit the border until 93 days after being appointed.

Now, Harris will be filling her time with another distraction. This time, she’ll be starting in a YouTube series aimed at engaging young people in NASA and space.

According to Deadline, “Get Curious follows a group of kids as they meet Vice President Kamala Harris, go on a scavenger hunt with clues delivered by NASA astronaut Shane Kimbrough from the International Space Station, and get exclusive access to the United States Naval Observatory which is Harris’ official residence as VP”

Watch the cringeworthy trailer here:

There she is, the Vice President. Dozens if crises are plaguing our nation, but Harris has not a care in the world!

Must be nice.

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