Kentucky Native George Clooney Piles on AG Cameron: 'I'm Ashamed of This Decision'

It appears you can take Kentucky out of Hollywood, but you can’t take Hollywood out of Kentucky.

Bluegrass state native and noted actor George Clooney, not known for being right about much when it comes to issues of the day, felt the need to weigh in on something he obviously knows less than nothing about: The Kentucky attorney general’s decision not to pursue murder charges against three Louisville police officers, two of whom shot and killed Breonna Taylor, and one of whom was, himself, wounded in the exchange.


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Asked for his thoughts about the non-charges (one of the officers was charged with three counts of wanton endangerment), Clooney had this to say, according to Deadline:

I was born and raised in Kentucky. Cut tobacco on the farms of Kentucky. Both my parents and my sister live in Kentucky. I own a home in Kentucky, and I was there last month. 

The justice system I was raised to believe in holds people responsible for their actions. Her name was Breonna Taylor and she was shot to death in her bed by 3 white police officers, who will not be charged with any crime for her death. I know the community. I know the commonwealth. 

And I was taught in the schools and churches of Kentucky what is right and what is wrong. I’m ashamed of this decision.

Got that? Here's the translation: 'I was born and raised in Kentucky, so I automatically know the facts of the Breonna Taylor case, without having ever heard a single piece of testimony, and this guy who has heard and seen testimony is wrong. Because heritage, or something.'

We need to know more, though. Why exactly would Clooney comment? Could it be that he’s a…racist? After all, the Kentucky attorney general, Daniel Cameron, is black. And that’s how it works on Clooney’s side of the aisle; anytime a white conservative is critical of a ‘person of color,’ we’re just being racist and bigoted. Is George the white liberal Hollywood guy just a closet bigot?

Or maybe Clooney’s being critical because his left-wing politics outweigh virtually everything else when it comes to making comments and observations about culture and society. Cameron, who spoke during the Republican National Convention and has been praised by President Donald Trump, is a GOPer.

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Whatever his motivation, Cameron saw him and the rest of his ilk coming.

“There will be celebrities, influencers and activists who have never lived in Kentucky who try to tell us how to feel, suggesting they understand the facts of this case, and that they know our community and the commonwealth better than we do,” he said in announcing the grand jury's decision on Wednesday during a press conference. “But they do not.”

He added (and here’s the part that doesn’t matter to the virtue-signaling Clooney): “Our reaction to the truth is the society we want to be. Do we really want the truth? Or do we want a truth that fits our narrative? Do we want the facts? Are we content to blindly accept our own version of events? We, as a community, must make this decision.”

What say you, George?


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