Kneeling Spreads To The NHL As Divisive BLM Politics Have Now Infected EVERY Sport

Sports fans had to know that it was too good to be true that a major professional league wasn't caving to the Marxist-inspired Black Lives Matter movement by kneeling during the national anthem. 

At first, it looked as though the National Hockey League would be a refuge from the toxic leftist politics that have poisoned sports with players standing for the rendition of "The Star-Spangled Banner" as the delayed season began play last week. 


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Then Saturday happened.

In a disgusting display of fealty to those who hate us for our freedoms, the play-in game between the Edmonton Oilers and the Chicago Blackhawks was hijacked by a player who wasn't even in the game who showed up to make a speech and then take a knee for the national anthem. 

Matt Dumba who is a defenseman for the Minnesota Wild became the first NHL player to take a knee although the Canadian-born skater stood for "O'Canada," his own national anthem which has yet to be declared as racist by the corporate-sponsored social justice crusade that has turned millions of Americans against their own nation. 

In a scene that resembled the propagandistic brainwashing in a dystopian land imagined by George Orwell with overtones of Joseph Goebbels, Rogers Place went dark with BLM messages being projected on the massive telescreens that hung above center ice. 

Via For The Win, "Matt Dumba becomes the first NHL player to take a knee during the national anthem":

The Minnesota Wild’s Matt Dumba became the first NHL player to take a knee during the national anthem on Saturday afternoon.

Prior the start of the Chicago Blackhawks and Edmonton Oilers Stanley Cup  qualifying series, the NHL’s pregame ceremony featured players from both teams standing in a circle on center ice. After a short voice over honoring front line health care workers and social justice advocates, Dumba entered the rink in a Hockey Diversity Alliance sweatshirt.

Standing in a circle of his peers, Dumba, who is Filipino-Canadian, spoke on behalf of the HDA about racial justice and how he hopes hockey and its fans can rise to meet the moment.

“Black Lives Matter. Breonna Taylor’s life matters,” Dumba said. “Hockey is a great game, but it can be a whole lot greater…and it starts with all of us.”

As the opening strains of the American national anthem played, Dumba took a knee.

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While the kneeling has been limited to Dumba in the NHL the pressure for other players to do likewise will be relentless and with the majority of the games being televised by NBC, the network will so its part to put the squeeze on a league that could have set an example by promoting the unity that not that long ago, brought sports fans of all races and belief systems together. 

So much for that now...

Despite the surrender to those who have drastically remade all of society in order to demonize supporters of President Trump by smearing them as racists who will be shamed and ostracised, the NHL still hasn't gone as far as MLB, the NFL and the NBA in terms of open disrespect for the flag and those who sacrificed all for what it stands for. 

The playoff qualifying round is set to run until August 10th with the real playoff games starting after that.