Kristi Noem Reveals Why Americans Should Be Worried About Rising Food Costs

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem, a Republican, sat down with Newsmax where she revealed that many Americans are angry about the current rising costs of food under President Joe Biden, and stated that his administration is allowing more foreign entities to purchase our food supply since Obama was in the White House.

The big takeaway from her interview is the reason she gave for why Americans are right to worry about the rising cost of food items, namely, that whoever controls our food supply, controls us.

”There’s consequences on many levels to allowing these types of entities in these countries to buy our food supply chain,” Noem stated during an interview on Thursday’s ”Eric Bolling The Balance.”

She then added, ”When they control our food, they will control us.”

Noem revealed that she had some problems dealing with Smithfield Foods’ meat processing located in her state during the thick of the coronavirus pandemic. The company is currently owned by a business with Chinese connections known as WH Group, which was bought back in 2013 during the Obama administration.

”Our food supply is our national security policy. It just is,’‘ Noem said during her talk with host Eric Bolling. ”For years, I’ve been watching foreign countries, other entities that are not friends of the United States, buy up our fertilizer companies, our chemical companies, our processing systems and those entities.”

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Noem then added that now, with Biden at the helm, foreigners are purchasing large chunks of land, including farmland.

”Now we see other people buying hundreds of thousands of acres of land; and, listen, many times it is foreign entities in some of these states as well,” she continued. ”So we have countries like China that own all these different pieces, and they’re not dummies. They know that when they control our food supply, they control us.”

”So this is a national security policy issue that the American people need to be aware of,” Noem said.

These transactions, the South Dakota Republican said, are causing our country to lose control of its own food supply, which, again, is a pretty big national security problem.

”We’ve always had in the United States of America a priority of keeping safe and affordable food supply that’s diversified, so one person or one country doesn’t control it,” she remarked. ”We are losing that. We’re losing that on Joe Biden’s watch, and it is a concern for us, our country, and for those families out there that are looking to feed their kids every week when they go to the grocery store.”

You know, when you really sit down and look at all of the damage President Biden has managed to do America in just a year-and-a-half it really is mind-blowing. How can someone be so inept? Is it really possible we have someone this stupid in the White House?

Yes, it’s possible.

However, there are two more plausible theories that might explain all of the havoc.

First, we have plenty of evidence to suggest Biden is suffering from cognitive issues. It’s quite possible a lot of the mistakes being made are due to the fact he’s not thinking clearly and those close to him are too busy trying to wrangle him and make it look like he’s not sliding deeper into dementia than they are taking care of the country.

Or, and this is the scary one, it’s all being done on purpose.

Maybe the current administration wants to see the system as it is go up in flames and burn to ashes. Why? To replace it with one ripped from the pages of Marx.

Scary to ponder, isn’t it?

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