It is difficult for many Americans to live in a nation that has moved from law and order to lawlessness in the pursuit of social justice causes, such as racial justice.

Criminals from Los Angeles to New York City have been extended leniency, with the implementation of zero dollar bail. State legislatures have declassified certain crimes so they are no longer felonies and have increased the amount that can be stolen before an arrest is required.

In addition, maximum bail has been established in certain states, which in effect ties the hands of the judges who are responsible for keeping the public safe pending the trials of the accused criminals.

In Texas, a troubled teen who allegedly murdered his 16-year-old girlfriend shooting her 22 times, but unbelievably is out on bail.

Frank Deleon, Jr., 17, is accused of killing Diamond Alvarez, 16, on January 11 while she was out walking her dog.

The victim’s mother, Anna Machado said “He doesn’t deserve a bond. I don’t think so. I don’t think that’s right. I don’t care if he had no priors. I don’t care. Whatever he did, the way he executed my daughter, and he’s walking the streets like nothing and mocking people. What kind of animal is that?”

Unfortunately for Diamond and the community as a whole, even though Deleon has been charged with murder and arrested by the Houston Police, he was released after his $250,000 bond was paid.

Police have said that Deleon was having an affair with another girl — which may be the motive for the brutal murder.

“According to the victim’s mother, Anna Machado, Diamond found out and confronted Deleon. She agreed to meet him at the park down the street from their home. Prosecutors say Diamond was shot 22 times, mostly in the back,” Fox 26 reports.

“Federal investigators with the Bureau of Alcohol Tobacco Firearms and Explosives spent Tuesday afternoon with their K9 unit, sweeping the memorial site. Diamond’s loved ones forced to temporarily move a portion of the memorial, after receiving multiple death threats over the last week.”

Prosecutors in the argument against bail, in this case, told the court their report that Deleon had packed a suitcase with enough items to indicate he was planning on leaving for more than one night.

As part of Deleon’s bond conditions, he’s not allowed to have contact with family and must wear a GPS monitoring device and abide by a curfew. He is not allowed to do drugs, alcohol, or possess any weapons. He will also not be allowed to attend school in meantime.

So the mentally unstable, violent accused murdered is enjoying his freedom while Diamond’s family still tries to make sense of the barbaric slaughter of their daughter.

I can’t think of anyone who would agree with the court extending bail to Deleon, I just hope he doesn’t kill someone else while waiting for trial for this murder.

Where is the justice for this young girl? History shows that unpunished lawlessness doesn’t help anyone, it just produces more lawlessness in the end?

Written By: Eric Thompson, host of the Eric Thompson Show.

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