Leftist Protesters Scream At Elderly Woman And Block Her From Crossing Street

The tolerant left is at it again, this time blocking an elderly woman from crossing the street.

On Sunday, Canadian MP Maxine Bernier and libertarian commentator Dave Rubin held an event in Hamilton, Canada which of course, drew many far-left protestors.

The protests outside turned violent which led to multiple arrests. At one point, the far-left protestors along with members of the terror group Antifa, blocked an elderly woman from crossing the street, yelling in her face. “Nazi scum off our streets!”

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Check out the terrible incident below:

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The incident was met with major backlash on Twitter where conservatives made sure to hammer the left-wing terror group for harassing an elderly woman.

Bernier slammed, “These Antifa protesters are a small minority of violent thugs. The most frightening is that their extremist, Far Left ideology is now tacitly supported by many in academia, the media, activist organizations, and politics. Our democracy is in danger.”

Rubin joined in saying, “It was an incredible night. This however, does qualify as no words…”

Ian Miles Cheong said on Twitter, “Antifa loves to abuse elderly people who can’t defend themselves,” as conservative author Mike Cernovich added, “This is ANTIFA, this is what most left wing reporters would do to your grandparents if they could get away with it.”

Jason Howerton of the Blaze posted, “Imagine being a member of Antifa blocking and harassing an elderly woman using a walker & actually thinking YOU are the one fighting ‘fascism.'”

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The left seems to becoming more and more deranged by the day, so much so that they will literally block and harrass and elderly woman who just wants to cross the street. Dispicable and sad!

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