Leo Terrell Goes OFF: If Don Jr. Or Eric Were Recorded Saying the N-Word, There’d Be Riots

Joe Biden’s son, Hunter Biden, is back in hot water.

Earlier this week, Hunter Biden’s leaked text messages showed him repeatedly using the “n-word” while speaking with his attorney.

These messages were obtained by the Daily Mail, and show Hunter saying “true dat n***a” in a January 2019 text to corporate attorney George Mesires.

During an interview on Fox News, conservative commentator Leo Terrell reminded everyone how the mainstream media would treat this story if those racist words were used by Donald Trump Jr. or Eric Trump, the two sons of President Donald Trump.

“Very clearly, back Democrats, wake up. If this was Eric Trump or Donald Trump, you would have had Al Sharpton on 24/7. And I’ll tell you right now, you would have riots. You would have riots and protesting in the streets,” Terrell said.

“You would have Black Lives Matter, you would have Antifa roaming the streets if it was Eric Trump or Donald Trump Jr. Where is dinosaur Maxine Waters? Where is James Clyburn? Where are all the black Democrats complaining? You don’t see them. Now let me simply tell you about this Hunter Biden. He is not a role model,” he said.

“He is a criminal. And he gets a pass because his dad, the Imperial Wizard, is president. If his dad was not president, he would be in bars and stripes. This man, Hunter Biden, has done nothing to benefit or help America. He has profited and he has used his dad’s office and his dad’s mentality to basically have a racial, racist attitude,” he added.

“This is embarrassing. And I think black voters should understand that the Democratic Party is the party that hates blacks! The party that likes blacks is the party I joined, the Republican Party. Democrats hate blacks! That’s why they are using you. Wake up!” he concluded.

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Conservative commentator Larry Elder also jumped all over Hunter Biden and his racist text messages.

“You can’t make this up. The question, of course, is how far does the acorn fall from the tree? In other words, is this kind of normalized conversation in the Biden household?” Elder asked.

“And you played that clip of Joe Biden referring to Obama as clean and articulate. This is the man, Joe Biden, who has been using black people his entire career. He’s been lying for decades claiming that he, when he was a teenager, worked to desegregate restaurants and movie theaters in Delaware,” he said.

“Zero evidence he did any of that. Lied and said he tried to visit Nelson Mandela when Nelson Mandela was behind bars during apartheid South Africa. Never happened. Said, ‘The NAACP has endorsed me in every single one of my races,’” he said.

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“The NAACP has endorsed him in none of his races. The only time Democrats care about black people is during election time. They couldn’t care less about the problem of fatherlessness, they never address it,” he added.

Elder concluded: “They couldn’t care less about the horrible education kids are getting K-12, but they love them during election time. It is condescension and hopefully, hopefully this might cause some black voters to wake up and stop pulling that lever automatically for the Democratic Party.”