WATCH: Fox News Segment Explodes Into SHOUTING Match Over Voter ID Laws

American Conservative Union President Matt Schlapp got into a heated back-and-forth with insufferable Fox News lefty Chris Hahn over voter ID laws that, were they in place universally around the country in November, Joe Biden would very likely still be in his Delaware basement.

During an appearance on “The Faulkner Focus,” both were first discussing the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) which just ended in Orlando, Fla., on Sunday as well as the upcoming 2022 midterm elections with guest host Martha MacCallum, The Daily Caller noted.

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But the segment quickly lit up and devolved into shouts and accusations over whether there is a need to verify a voter’s identity (which is a stupid premise to argue about — of course, there is; even third-world and developing countries require IDs to vote, as do most European countries, none of whom think it’s ‘racist’ or ‘bigoted’ to do so).

And Hahn lit the fuse with a series of blatant falsehoods that are, of course, designed to anger his opponents and toss red meat to his left-wing base.

“Well look, it’s a redistricting year, and Republicans will do everything they can to gerrymander the seats they need,” Hahn began. “They won’t win because of ideas. They won’t win because they’ve done anything good. They won’t win because they’re going to be running on Trump’s failed record. They’re going to win because of partisan gerrymandering, and that’s it.”

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MacCallum interjected that a “fair amount” of policy discussion took place at CPAC and that 2022 won’t be about redistricting it’ll be “a battle over policy … a battle over ideas.”

Watch the full shouting match below:

“This question of gerrymandering is what majorities of both parties do to try to optimize the number of House seats. It’s what is written into the Constitution,” Schlapp argued. “The real question when it comes to all of this is H.R. 1, which is going through Congress, and that would actually undermine all these state election rules. It would nationalize our election process … It’ll be our worst Democratic nightmare. No voter registration, no signature verification. We should not go there as a country.”

“More suppression is all you want,” Hahn interjected, which is a Democrat talking point and an outright lie since no Republican ever has said, ‘Hey, let’s suppress votes!’ — or voted for a ‘voter suppression bill.’

“I want everyone to vote,” Schlapp replied.

“All Matt wants, and all conservatives want, is fewer people to vote. Because when a lot of people vote, Republicans with no policies do not win. So H.R. 1 needs to pass. So does the John Lewis Voting Rights Act … If the Senate needs to get rid of the filibuster to do it, they should,” Hahn said.

MacCallum responded by saying that voting verification “is probably the most important issue in the 2022 elections” (well, to Republicans it is) and that both parties should want it.

“It’s not a real issue,” Hahn interrupted. “There’s been study after study after study after study. Nobody is faking it to vote. That’s something conservatives say when they whine to lose.”

[Except when Democrats, for the past four years, falsely claimed that Trump ‘stole’ the 2016 election with Russia’s help.]

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MacCallum smartly responded that if Hahn’s premise is true, then Democrats don’t have any fear over ensuring that voters are who they say they are when they cast ballots.

Schlapp jumped in to cite a case of voter fraud committed by a Republican, adding that “it can’t just be voter fraud when a Republican does it.”

Hahn tried to step in again, but Schlapp raised his voice: “Let me finish!” adding that both parties should get together and “do everything possible to minimize” instances of illegal voting.

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