LIAR! Schiff Shouted Down By Trump Supporters At Town Hall

Democrat impeachment commissar Adam Schiff received an unwelcome surprise during a Saturday town hall courtesy of President Trump's supporters.

The conniving congressman whose secret hearings in a locked room in the Capitol's basement served as the foundation for the articles of impeachment was shouted down by patriotic Americans.


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When shifty Schiff took the stage at the Los Angeles area event sponsored by a group that backed the recognition of the Armenian genocide, a number of audience members serenaded him with their disapproval.

Via The Los Angeles Times, "Scuffles break out in Glendale as Rep. Adam Schiff speaks at town hall":

At a town hall event on Saturday where an Armenian organization was thanking U.S. government officials for their support of resolutions recognizing the Armenian genocide, scuffles broke out as Rep. Adam B. Schiff (D-Burbank), a co-sponsor of a resolution on the issue, spoke in the auditorium at the Glendale Central Library.

As Schiff began speaking, a man and two women held up signs reading,"Don’t Impeach.” When they were asked to take down the signs, they refused.

Then, about a dozen people scattered throughout the auditorium began yelling, “Liar.”

When some in the audience asked them to refrain from yelling, scuffles broke out throughout the room, and the audience members who were yelling at Schiff removed their jackets, revealing shirts supporting President Trump.

After about 15 minutes, the scuffles settled down, and the event continued.

Whatever Democrats are expecting from the 63 million Americans whose votes that they are trying to nullify it probably wasn't this. 

However, now that they have whacked the hornet's nest, they had better be prepared to face the wrath of the silent majority who they are trying to screw out of their rights to participate in the democratic process.  

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There will be much whining and condemnation now that Democrats are getting a taste of their own medicine, perhaps they too will no longer be able to show their faces in public if they are confronted by the same tactics that they sanctioned.  

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Schiff will be hitting for the cycle on the Sunday morning blabfests as the House Dems look to close the deal on their impeachment sham.