Liberal Fox Host Whines About Not Feeling Safe, Says She’s Wearing a Mask On Planes FOREVER

Fox News liberal correspondent Marie Harf made headlines this week when she pathetically claimed she is wearing a mask on planes for the rest of her life.

During a segment Tuesday afternoon on the Faulkner Focus, Harf and the panel were discussing most states lifting mask mandates.

Harf, who worked for the Obama administration for many years, had quite a hissy fit over the idea of people daring to live their lives without a mask on.

Transcript of the exchange below, via Grabien:

KENNEDY: “Do you think they’re going to keep masks on planes for a while? I know you fly a lot, Marie. Do you think they’ll keep masks on planes for a while?”

HARF: “Look, I’m going to wear mask on a plane for the rest of my life, even if I don’t have to. Planes are gross, I think, just to begin with. But I think they will. You are in close quarters. I’m going to, I’m just going to do it. I’m just going to own it. But I think I will.”

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DENNINGS: “I’ve done plenty of gross things without a mask on.”

HARF: “It makes everyone feel better. You don’t know who is vaccinated and who isn’t. So, mask up on planes.”

KENNEDY: “I’m going to wear caftans on every flight from now on. Guy?”

BENSON: “I mean, it doesn’t matter if other people are vaccinated. If you’re vaccinated, you’re fine. And I mean, I want the masks off on planes. My trick is to get an alcoholic beverage and then slowly drink it for as long as possible. That is the exception when you have the mask off, and I feel fine about it. With a shot and the air circulation, it’s fine.”

KENNEDY: “Way to take us to the end of the panel discussion. Thank you so much, Guy, Marie and Kat. Wonderful spending the evening with all of you. You’re welcome.”


Harf is a well-known liberal.

Not too long ago, Fox News anchor Harris Faulkner shredded Harf over the growing violence in Democratic-run cities across the country.

During a segment on “Outnumbered,” Faulkner challenged Marie Harf to name one Republican-led city where violence was comparable to what we have seen in liberal-controlled U.S. cities like Chicago and Portland.

Ater guest Dagen McDowell suggested it was a choice between “incompetence or disdain,” Faulkner turned the question to Harf.

Harf said it was “unfair” to say that those mayors did not care about their citizens and claiming that President Donald Trump was targeting Democrat-led cities for political reasons rather than because they were the only ones who warranted intervention.

“For many people, that he keeps saying he’s going after Democratic cities and Democrats feels like he is making a law enforcement issue a political one, which we should not be doing in this country,” Harf continued.

Faulkner jumped in and asked Harf to name a Republican-led city that was facing similar levels of unrest and violence.

“Marie, is there another Republican-led city that is having the kinds of problems that we are seeing in a Democratic-led city? Let me let you answer that. Is there?” Faulkner asked.

“Well, look, Democrats have been in charge of the big cities in our country for a long time,” Harf replied.

“It’s a yes or no question,” Faulkner shot back.

“It’s more complicated. It’s not binary, Harris,” Harf attempted to clarify her point. “The issue is the Democrats are in charge of —”

Faulkner tried her question a third time.

“Is there a Republican-led city that is having the same type of violence and unrest on its streets the way a Democratic-led trail of cities is right now that we continue to talk about?” Faulkner asked Harf.

Harf deflected by trying to argue that there were “many parts of this country led by Republicans that have a very high level of violence.”

“Do they look like the streets of Portland in Chicago right now, with the current unrest?” Faulkner pushed back once more.


Earlier in the show, Faulkner also had to correct Harf when she claimed that “anonymous” federal officers had been “abducting” protesters off the streets in Portland.

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“I have a responsibility to step in on that end because I have been talking with leadership at DHS. We know that DHS and the Department of Justice, for the president, are looking to handle this situation in a way that protects all Americans. So, I do want to press back a little bit on terming them as ‘anonymous federal officers.’ The markings on them are clear,” Faulkner said.

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