Liberals PANIC As CNN Might Get SOLD Off To FOX

Since CNN’s new CEO started making significant changes to the network, democrats and other left-leaning media have become uncomfortable as they realize they might just be losing one of their strongest agents.

As CNN announced that it intends to forsake its known biased reportage to focus on centrist news coverage, many democrats have issued complaints and have tried their best to push the media back to its old ways.

Of recent, there have been speculations that these changes being made to the network are not just an attempt to become a network that reports without bias. Many have speculated that CNN would be getting sold to Fox News.

Angelo Carusone, the head of Media Matters For the nation, has noted that he is terrified of that speculation becoming true. Carusone said this to Den Obeidallah on Friday as he was interviewed on SiriusXM.

He said, “I’m terrified of this. It is super, it is his white whale and I think that it doesn’t fit into Discovery’s portfolio in a meaningful way. I’ve always been afraid of this, and the posture of making the platform more appealing, more attractive, more neutral. You know, I don’t think they’re going to get the audience gains that they think they’re going to get, which is part of the strategy. And that’s a real problem, too.”

Carusone added that Rupert Murdoch has been trying to buy CNN for a long time since the early 2000s and has been relentless since then, making several attempts. He added, “It happens all the time. He did it, and he made a really aggressive, year-long plus play in 2017 and a run at it in 2014. He’s made runs I did during the early 2000, and that matters because that’s how we got the Wall Street Journal. He tried to buy it half a dozen times before it, before he eventually convinced the Bancrofts, which were the owners of the Wall Street Journal, to sell it.”

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He added that if Murdoch successfully buys CNN, the family would be left in charge of the biggest networks in America. Of course, that would be bad news for democrats as it means that their efforts to terrorize republicans would be significantly reduced, and fewer people would be forced to hear them make ridiculous accusations.

Suppose CNN’s parent company can no longer hold on to the network because of its terrible ratings. In that case, these democrats should ponder what the network has been doing so badly to get its terrible reputation. Instead, they are worried about the person who wants to buy the network after bringing it to its ruin.

Thankfully, the New CEO has discarded many of its hosts who were only talented in reporting anti-Trump and anti-republican news. However, even that might not be able to earn CNN the public’s trust back as the damage done has been registered in the hearts of many Americans.

Other liberal media who refuse to report things just as they are will soon go down CNN’s path if care is not taken, and we’d be here to witness it.

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