Liberals Race to Defend Antifa After Trump Declares They Are a Terror Organization

On Sunday, President Donald Trump announced that he would be labeling ANTIFA as a domestic terrorist organization after they were found to be responsible for inciting many of the riots across the country.

"The United States of America will be designating ANTIFA as a Terrorist Organization," President Trump tweeted.


ANTIFA, which ironically stands for Anti-Fascists, are known for being anarchists who show up to protests and proceed to beat, riot, destroy and demolish anything in their path. Many surfaced videos over the weekend show members of ANTIFA starting riots in cities across America.

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It didn't take long after the President's announcement for liberals to start pledging their alliance to the far-left terror group.

The hashtag #IamAntifa quickly started trending on Twitter as Democrats announced their support for the radical, anarchist communist group.

“How did I know I’d eventually be designated a ‘terrorist’ by my own country? I’m an accomplice, here to leverage my privilege and platform, in support of movements for social and environmental justice. Also, will punch Nazis or help you find a medic,” tweeted B. Nolan.

“Let’s be crystal clear: 1. #ANTIFA = Anti-fascist 2. Domestic terrorism is overwhelmingly carried out by the RIGHT, not the left,” tweeted activist Peter Daou, completely ignoring the fact that ANTIFA is known to support total anarchy.

“What’s weird is that if you spelled out what the acronym for this loose movement called ‘antifa’ stands for and rewrite Trump’s tweet accordingly, it would read: ‘The United States of America will be designating anti-fascists as a Terrorist Organization,'” said far-left MSNBC host Joy Reid.

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“ANTIFA” is not an organization. This means Trump is classifying anyone who is against fascism as a terrorist. Fascism is defined as: ‘authoritarian ultranationalism characterized by dictatorial power, forcible suppression of opposition.’ This is how Hitler happened. #IAmAntifa,” said another Twitter user.

“I Stand in Solidarity with Antifa & all activists protesting across the country. Black & Brown people have been terrorized by the police for too long. Our Racist System needs to be dismantled & rebuilt,” said another user.

“Antifa isn’t an organization. There’s no hotline or website to hit up for info. Antifa stands for anti-fascist and has a long legacy in this country of resisting white supremacy & fascism. This is a dangerous, authoritarian trap to criminalize dissent,” tweeted another, once again ignoring that ANTIFA riots, loots, destroys and burns businesses, cities and homes.

During an interview with CNN over the weekend, national security adviser Robert O'Brien spoke out about the anarchist group, revealing that they had hijacked many of the protests across the country and were responsible for destroying many minority owned businesses.

“And they did it in Seattle. They have done it in Portland. They have done it in Berkeley. This is a destructive force of radical – I don’t even know if we want to call them leftists. Whatever they are, they’re militants who are coming in and burning our cities, and we’re going to get to the bottom of it,” said O’Brien.

“It’s the violent ANTIFA radical militants that are coming out, under cover of night, traveling across state lines, using military-style tactics to burn down our cities,” he continued. “And they’re especially targeting the most venerable parts of our cities, George. The minority section, the African American sections, and Hispanic areas and burning down businesses of people that are trying to get a leg up. And the president’s outraged by that. And we all are. And that has to stop.”

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