Limbaugh: Don't Doubt Marxists Who Say They Want to 'Defund the Police'

If anyone could truly be called a “political savant” for our times, it’s Rush Limbaugh.

The conservative talk radio king has the keenest insights when it comes to figuring out and understanding the Left it truly is uncanny. And unparalleled.


The number of times he’s been right about issues of the day is incalculable. What’s more, he’s been ahead of the curve just about as often, so when he expresses his viewpoint about our political opposition, ignore it at your peril.

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On his Friday program, the talk radio behemoth made another observation that people should pay attention to, even if they’re not conservatives because if he’s right – and he generally is – then the mayhem and chaos to come will be bipartisan.

Limbaugh said that Americans should definitely believe the Marxist Democratic Left when they say they want to “defund the police” in every sense of the phrase. And by that he means, they want to get rid of police, period.

He notes:

There used to be institutions that were reliable, you trusted the people in them, you trusted when they came out and said something, especially if they were focused on public safety.

And now that trust just isn’t there. And the answer, the reason why is not that complicated. It is liberal political corruption of these institutions that has led to all this. Now you got people questioning what they hear about anything. For example, the left is serious about defunding the police departments. But yet there’s a poll out that shows most people don’t think that’s what they really mean. They do mean it.

"[P]eople don’t believe that the left is serious about defunding the cops. This is a Monmouth University poll, found only 18 percent of Americans believe the left and these Democrat cities and states and who say defund the police actually means defund the police," he continued. 

"Well, they are terribly mistaken. The anti-police are not shy about it. Black Lives Matter says on its website it wants to defund the police to invest in communities. They’re dead serious about defunding the police and replacing the police with themselves, social workers or what have you," the talk radio king noted further.

And for the record, anyone paying attention to the formation of the cop-free “CHOP zone” set up in Seattle last month got a glimpse of what ‘defund/disband the police’ looks like in real time: It quickly devolved into a graffiti-laced cauldron of racism, violence, and death. It got so bad that even the left-wing mayor had to order it dismantled, though that hasn’t stopped the Marxist city council from backing a proposal to defund the police there anyway.

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Which brings me back to Limbaugh’s point. If you can watch a swath of your own city be taken over by lawless Millennials and turned into a third-world hell hole without law and order and still back a proposal to turn the entire city into one big lawless third-world hell hole, that is the measure of the Marxist resolve.

“And I have told you, I have warned everybody that this is a way for the left to infiltrate normally conservative police departments with progressives, social workers, left-wing Birkenstock sandal-wearing, longhaired, maggot-infested no underarm deodorant, little socialist daycare workers running into your house pretending to be cops. I mean, who’s more progressive than social workers?” Limbaugh continued.

We have been warned.