Lindsey Graham: ‘If You Erase Trump From Republican Party, You Will Be Erased’

Sen. Lindsey Graham dropped some truth bombs for Republicans who think the party ought to ‘move on’ from former President Donald Trump.

Specifically, Graham noted in an interview with Fox News in the hours following Joe Biden’s inauguration, that would be a huge mistake since Trump is the Republican Party, even out of office.

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“I hope people in our party understand the party itself. If you’re wanting to erase Donald Trump from the party, you’re going to get erased,” the South Carolina Republican and ally of the former president said.

“Most Republicans like his policies. A lot of Republicans like his style,” Graham noted further. “A lot of people are disappointed with him personally at times but appreciate the outcomes he’s achieved for our country.”

Earlier this week, sources told The Wall Street Journal the former president was considering forming a third party, but Graham didn’t much care for this idea.

“I hope he doesn’t,” Graham noted further, adding that he wants Trump to “stay the leader of the Republican Party.”

“I hope President Trump understands that his legacy and his best future lies with the Republican Party,” he said, adding that trying to excise Trump from the GOP “would be a disaster … The one way Democrats can survive is for the Republican Party to crack up. The best way for the Republican Party to crack up is try to move forward without Donald Trump.”

He noted further: “If you’re a conservative, this has been a good four years — for judges, for rebuilding the military, bringing order to the border, for historic peace agreements in the Mideast. This has been a consequential presidency.”

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All true, and while Graham is hard to read sometimes, he had a perfect opportunity to distance himself from our former president but chose not to do so – leading us to believe that, while he certainly is a political animal, he’s also still pretty loyal to a president he knows helped him win reelection in a red state.

As for the third party bid, Graham’s instincts are spot-on: Trump needs to remain the head of the GOP and GOP voters need to primary the RINOs.

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