LOL: Biden May Be Stuck With Several Trump Appointees For YEARS

Washington’s power elite may have found a way to ‘get Donald Trump’ but the former president, unbeknownst to the deep state and the incoming administration of President Joe Biden, got in his last-minute licks, too.

After all, while he may have been a political neophyte when he got to D.C., clearly the former president learned a thing or two while there.

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As readers know, it’s customary for an incoming administration to clean house, especially when the new leader is from the opposition party. Not only did Trump made it harder for Biden to do that, he made sure to implant his loyalists throughout the federal bureaucracy, and it’s not going to be easy for Biden’s team to get them out.

The Daily Wire has more:

Former President Donald Trump left a parting gift before leaving Washington, D.C., that his successor is not happy about: dozens of allies appointed to a variety of government boards and commissions.

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President Joe Biden is looking into how his administration may replace a number of Trump appointees to boards such as those overseeing the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts and the Air Force Academy… But the people Trump appointed, many at the last minute before his exit from the White House, may be entrenched until their terms are up years later.

Politico adds:

Biden’s team is trying to determine whether they can do anything about the appointments, a person familiar with the situation said. “We are tracking closely and seeing what we can do,” the person said.

But those who have reviewed the law governing the boards say removing appointees can be difficult, especially if they come with political or business connections that could help the organizations. Most appointees do not need Senate confirmation and will remain until the end of their yearslong terms. Those who support Trump’s appointments say if Congress opposes the appointment process, lawmakers should change it.

Biden’s handlers will be able to replace some of the appointees because they do not have set terms, but those who do are liable to remain in them until they expire because that’s just the way it is.

And Trump, of course, knew that.

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Throughout his tenure, Trump’s pro-America policies were opposed by much of the federal bureaucracy and as such, they were either ignored or slow-walked by the overwhelmingly Democratic careerists in government.

Looks like at least in some small way, Trump is giving some payback.

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