LOL: Biden Tries Talking Into Microphone While Music Is Still Blasting, Jill Has To Tell Him to Stop [WATCH]

On Monday, Joe Biden appeared dazed and confused, as always. During an event at the White House, Biden took the podium while the band in the background was blasting “God Bless America”.

Not only was the music still incredibly loud, but the families in the background were still bustling around trying to get settled into position. As always, Biden clearly had no grasp on what was going on around him.

Luckily, his wife Jill had enough sense to intervene before he caused himself even more embarrassment.

“I tell ya what…I would like to learn it,” Joe began. He then muttered some gibberish before his wife stepped in and told him to wait until the music stopped.

Watch below:

New day, new blunder for Joe Biden.

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Here are some cringeworthy clips from Biden over the last week that should have us all questioning his mental capacity:

Here he is slurring his words like crazy while simply trying to pronounce names:


Over the weekend, he realized he forgot his mask but still greeted several people anyways.

I’ve asked before and I’ll ask again…WHAT’S WRONG WITH JOE?